Thursday, June 11, 2009


Inside baseball in Houston

I'm not real big on roofs over outdoor sports, but Minute Maid Park is pretty fine. It's like an older park they put a top on. Just 11 years old, though.

Houston Astros 2-1 over Chicago Cubs in the 13th.


If they have to play under a roof, perhaps they'd better stick to pool. Or basketball; Houston's got good basketball.

This isn't baseball. This is an amusement park for the soft.
All I'm thinking is, man, they beat the Cubs.

However, yeah, baseball is an outdoor sport.
Well, it does retract. :-)
I'm just thrilled that I managed to drive from Spring to downtown Houston and back without incident.

Heh. I left at 4 p.m. and the best way to describe it is I got out just past the gust front but ahead of the storm of rush-hour traffic. Very cool.

(I am ascsairt of big-city traffic. Sort of. Turns out that one diet pill will get me to downtown, and a then a half of a diet pill and three Texas ballpark beers, and a ballpark dog as big as Bailey, is *perfect* for getting me out. Very alert thanks the pill; eeeaassssy thanks the beer. Perfect.

Helps to be in a big car.
Now, pitchin' washers in the back yard with the kiddos. Heaven. And humidity from hell. But heaven! :-)
How could you last nine innings in the Houston heat and humidity without it being enclosed?

If I lived in Houston I would roof and screen in my whole yard. As for the traffic, I've driven all over, and the only city worse than Houston was Saigon.
In Houston they don't drive from the core city to the sub-burbs they drive in, among,and across from suburb to suburb to suburb.
Oh yes, and there are more guns in the cars in Houston than there were in Saigon.

The Geographer in me looks at Houston and sees the Buffalo Bayou covered in concrete. If there ever was the proverbial city built on sand the big "H" qualifies. With the city's average elevation of 50 feet above MSL and the weight of Houston's buildings pushing it further into the bayous every second, the city must succumb to global warming sooner rather than latter.

Houston is what Sherman must of had in mind when he made his Hell and Texas remark.
By the way I was going to mention that all of the skyscrapers in Houston are built on floating concrete rafts buried in the saturated bayou sands.
I was down here in a former life in the early 1990s quite a bit. The traffic is everything I remember. Every man for himself. Get prayed up and drive.

Floating underground rafts? Cool.
You know, I keep refining who I was in a former life.

Love but fear the sea.

Love seafood of all kinds.

Love cowflesh of all kinds.

Don't mind the humidity; at 7 last night, it was about 99, with God-knows-what humidity, and I'm out with the kids in the back yard tossin' washers, smokin' a cigar and drinkin' Dickel. Dig.

So, now I think I was a flunky who couldn't swim, impressed to work on a ship out of (where? Kingston? New Orleans?)who damn near drowned at sea, and then went to Texas to cowboy on the cattle drives.
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