Saturday, June 06, 2009


He was against Obama before it was cool?

Yes, I know I probably shouldn't aid and abet in getting this "message" out, but it's just so BAD, and so off the mark I think it NEEDS to be spread around like the bulls--t it is. Wow. Talk about fishbowl syndrome.


Pre-born babies?!? Oh, good Lord, enough already.

I love the young woman who has "turned against" the President, even tho, you know, in reality his poll numbers are not only consistent, but consistently high.

What a maroon.
You've never heard of the preborn? Common jargon. And pretty dicey. Because if a person or critter is preborn, he, she or it, is as yet unborn, and if unborn, then ... well ... it just kind of falls apart.
I'm talking from a language-usage perspective, which has nothing to say about the complexities of the morality surrounding the issue.
I have a pre-written novel sitting around on my computer somewhere, a bunch of pre-sung songs, and of course, there's all that pre-thought thinking I'll do tomorrow.

That's my complaint, same as yours - the absurd construction.
Pre-thought thinking! I like it!

How fun. I think I have some cans of prekicked ass around here somewhere I keep in case I need to open it up on somebody! LOL
I had a lot of pre-conceived children when I was 18.
How about celebrities such as Paul Newman, the Beatles, Elvis etc.
A "celebrity" that delivers lives long after they are gone.
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