Monday, June 01, 2009


Green (1/8th) Acres sprout in the city - The Denver Post

Like the story. LOVE the American Gothic-esque photo!


Green (1/8th) Acres sprout in the city - The Denver Post

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Any of those chicken loving fools let their rooster crow at five a.m. and wake me up, will have a dead rooster on their hands.

What is this 1968 or what?
Very close.
Oh yes and as for eggs, a supermarket manager friend of mine in Missouri complain recently that he had to throw away a thousand dozen eggs because "corporate" bought to many because they were cheap and they not would let him "give" them away.
The Washington Post had an article recently on urban chickens. As a rule, people just get a couple hens, no roosters, in order to keep a low profile. Some cities allow backyard poultry, others don't, and you don't need roosters to get eggs. Chickens are legal in most of the Atlanta area -- one of the Fulton county locavore organizations did a tour of backyard chicken houses that got written up in the AJC about a year ago. If we had a bigger patio I'd be tempted myself -- some of the rarer breeds, like crested Polish, are rather attractive birds.

I do think, however, that doing the urban homesteading to the point where they're turning off the power and rubbing sticks together to start a fire in teh backyard ala Survivor is flat out ridiculous.
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