Friday, June 12, 2009


A gen-yoo-wine Texas beer joint

Dig it. Just 2.4 miles from Yank and Bird's house!

Rusty barstools with torn Naugahyde covers. Vintage '70s Lone Star beer signs. A shuffleboard with working score board. Jukebox. Pearl Light sign. Coldbeer. Attached cafe open for lunch weekdays, grill on weekends, steak night Thursday night.

Various NASCAR and Houston Astros accourtrements. Sundry lifesize scantily clad Bud beer babe signs. Neon. Smoke.

Not one damn thing fancy about it at all. And better even than a "cigar lounge" -- they just don't give a damn if you smoke a cigar or not.

Redneck heaven -- erudite or otherwise.


Too much light to be authentic.
Say on your way back up the interstate stop in Centerville at Woody's Smoke House (The Jerk Capitol Of The World). Lots of Redneck food there. Jerky, canned, and pickle damn near everything available. Try some of their jalapeno and spice pickled quail eggs.
Hey, it was 2 o'clock in the afternoon! ... The Jerk Capitol sign has done caught my eye...
A real bar has a 6 inch by 6 inch window in the door, all other windows are painted over and there is only the light from twenty neon and illuminated beer signs in the place. Except of course for the 40 watt bulb in the men's pisser.
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