Friday, June 12, 2009


Calling all cat persons

So, I called the vet where all our critters are boarded until Tuesday, to ask them to check Ice-T for something I'd forgotten to mention, and the lady said he had been freaked out since we left him Wednesday and hadn't let anybody touch him.

He was wailing when I left him. I'm scared to death he's going to be permanently traumatized, although Bird, who works as a vet tech, says most cats do the same, and that he'll be OK when he gets returned to his home and his peeps.

DrLobo, just keep your horror stories! The rest of y'all, feel free to assure me that my beloved, sissified, totally-misnamed kitty Ice-T will forgive me, and get over it. Sniff.


He will act like he got over it, but then later when you've forgotten all about it (and he hasn't) he'll poop in your shoes.

For cats, revenge is a dish best served ... um ... warm and stinky.
As long as he *acts* like he likes me. I'm cheap that way.

He pooped behind my bar once. Never did figure out what set him off.
He'll be alright. Our cats do that for several days when we leave them somewhere.
He will, indeed, be fine. Some cats are homebodies, is all.

(BTW, check out this guy, who is tweeting the major religions:
He'll be fine. Like Alan said, he will seek revenge, because for moments like this, cats have long memories, but "trauma" is something alien to felix domesticus.
More likely he will throw up on your pillow.
While my weary head lies upon it? Ick.
So you put him up with the orphans and NOW you're worried about him?

He's toast.
Sigh. I thought of it as he was gettin' to go to a fancy hotel. ... I guess he thinks I've thrown him in the dungeon.

Dang it.

Bailey, the "special" weenie dog, was fretting but prolly already over it. Eames, the auxiliary kitty, is street wise and fairly sophisticated, and will keep her pissed-off cards close to her chest.

I'm worried about Ice-T.
Just go ahead and slice your wrist and let the blood drop down for him to drink and all will be well.
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