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'Ameritianity' -- idolatry on its face!

I say this a lot these days, but this beats all! It takes some doin' to think you're striving for righteousness and actually be so un-American AND un-Christian!!!


They literally removed "Christ" from "Christianity" and replaced it with the name of the idol, "Ameri" -- to form a new nonword! Amazing.


Seriously, is that a joke website? It has to be. "Christianity is America". Come on.
They're not even pretending anymore.
I am moved to say, "Not God bless America, but God damn America!"

And by that, I mean - more or less - "God damn white America!"
That thought crossed my mind when I first saw this. But not "white America," just "exceptionalist America."

I will, however, grant you: to-MAY-toe, to-MAH-toe.
Stealing a Limbaughism - mega-dittoes.
There's all kinds of xenophobia on the site. And regressive, retrenched, hegemonic exclusivity.

It is the legacy of white power not diffused and fading away underground like for most of us. It is the legacy of white power defended and hyperventilated. And it reveals the roots of what remains dying but undead in us.

I am proud to be an American. But my pride is precisely in those things about my country that has overcome white hegemony, white moral escapism, and white refusal to engage in clear sighted self-criticism.

My pride is in the communitarian democracy that is winning the day and that disallows me from holding a vision of America that does not also oppose white pride.

The site is the distillation of Whiteness; this is the source of its offensive vehemence.
Or, rather, White pride as opposed to white pride.

Whiteness as Ideology (conscious or unconscious, intentional or unintentional)...

... rather than whiteness as identity, which, to be healthy, has to be largely conscious -- and consciously understood as self-authenticating and, at the same time, self-limiting.
How do you find this crap? This is extremist rightwing vileness at it's worst. I have never seen all in one place all of the junk they spew.

And, most of it is just plain wrong.
seriously?! UGH! awful. just awful.
I found it linked to a person involved with Focus on the Family. I keep expecting him to denounce it.
OMG. I think that, rather than denounce it, he's deleted all negative comments.
Looks like they've made a new religion out of misguided patriotism. Idolatry, indeed.

Hey, Miss C.! :-) :-)

Ineely: That makes my head hurt: A "green" "partner" with the EPA, in Texas, supporting Ameritianity. Lawl, indeed. Can you say "opportunist" ?
@ER: Actually, the way I found that is... If you run a WHOIS on ameritianity.com, you'll find that the domain is owned by the same person who owns Harvest Energy: a Phil Morris of Lewisville, TX. (This is a matter of public record, so I do not feel that I'm invading this man's privacy by disclosing that information). If you search 'morrisphild' or '"morrisphild" aol.com' in Google, you'll find that he spams and trolls a lot of news and political sites with his- er, message of faith...

It isn't so much opportunism as it is shameless self-promotion and uninhibited egotism. He uses his business to promote his "ministry," and vice-versa.
I mean... OBVIOUSLY Mr. Morris has The TRUTH, right?
The website states the definition of the word "Ameritianity" as simply "America's Christian Foundation and Our Continuing Responsibility" and in no way is an attempt to take Christ out of Christianity. "TIANITY" is not a suffex used only in conjunction with CHRIST. The site is mostly links to other sites and videos and audio of others speaking. Should American's not want to know what their President has said in the past on important issues? The site has no advertising. You are going to complain that a local, grassroots business person would dare be involved in politics or religion? Get real.
Anonymous is truly stupendously dumb. Did he even read the comments? The entire complaint is not "this site should be STOPPED!!!" It is, quite clearly, that this site is idolatrous, racist, ignorant, a theft of the good name of Christ for nefarious purposes, pretty much a simulacrum of everything bad about America and Christianity. The person who set this up has every right to do so. We have every right to point out how awful it is. Now, please, go elsewhere.

I just assumed they'd misspelled inanity.
Oy. I clicked over there.

Someone with a working knowledge of basic English grammar and spelling should proofread their articles for them. Anyone have a 3 year old they can spare?

(Why is it always the English Only folks who are the most illiterate?)

The above organization does not share your view of "Ameritianity." Looks like they post articles as they come in. Do you proofread all the junk posted on this site?

Still looking for something specific you can intelligently find wrong with the site.
That from someone who thinks the plural of American is "American's". LOL

"Looks like they post articles as they come in. Do you proofread all the junk posted on this site?"

Actually, the articles I looked at were written by the Amer-inanity folks themselves.
Apparently incapable of reading the comments, a specific complaint was noted by me, earlier - "Christianity is America". That is what is known as idolatry, as well as just plain ignorance.

I'm assuming, from the tenor of "anonymous'" complaint, and grammar excellence, that we are dealing with someone we know, but is a bit too timid to use his blog identity. The dead giveaway is the insistence on specificity, even as specific complaints are rendered.
Is Bubba in da house?
Actually, I was thinking Marshall Art, to be honest.
How many Ameritianity Folks are there? Why do you hate people you don't know? The site said "Christ in America" not "IS".

Judging by the responses they get from their readers, I'd say they seem to appreciate what they see there.

Anyway, thanks for introducing me to their site.

Oh happy day....I am not alone! So glad to find this site! Ginger 06/10/09

I love this site because factual articles, links, statements are made. I try to post a link to this website for on every post i make on left-wing blog spots, hoping the messages here will wake them up and make them aware as to why they need Christ and to make them aware as to the damage Obama and Congress are causing our nation. God bless those at www.ameritianity.com Ken H. in Alabama 06/08/09

Like so many, I also discovered Ameritianity while reading comments at Fox News. This morning I watched the D Day ceremony at Normandy, and was so touched by President Sarcozy's speech, the most beautiful playing of Taps that I have ever heard, and most of all the opening prayer. My search so far for the prayer has been unsuccessful. I would very much like to have it to read again. Also Mr. Sarcozy's speech. Can you provide that for your readers? Thank you for this fine website. Marge in Holton, Kansas 06/06/09
Don't y'all go insultin' Bubba and MA. I've my self never known either of them to hide their "light" under a nom de bushel.

This smells like Tugboat Cap'n, who *has* been known to troll 'round here anonymously.

Here's one thing the Ameritianity people are utterly wrong about, and it's pretty much the premise for the whole rancid site:

America (sic; that is, the United States( has been blessed by God in the past because of its Christian heritage, and many of her troubles today stem from a drift away from those "holy" origins.

Well, let's see ... bullshit, bullshit and bullshit.

The USA "blessed by God"? Only if God blessed her with diseases that Europeans were immune to but the natives here weren't; with a worship of the free market as if it were ordained by God God's self; with naturally occurring geographic borders insurmountable by most of our enemies until relatively recently; oh, and the biggy: God blessed this country with goddamned slavery, upon which the South based its culture and agriculture, and the North based its financial infrastructure -- and God continues to "bless" this country withh all the good accruing to every one of is from each of those actual evils.

Bullshit onj the whole idea that this country has been "blessed" -- this country has, and continues to, for the most part, rape, pillage and burn what it can't fricking steal fair and square.

We need to repent, all right -- repent of patriotism and nationalism when it gets between any Christian and Christ.
Re, "The site said "Christ in America" not "IS".

If so, it's because they corrected a typo after I pointed it out.
REDNECK....typical big mouthed, small brained, uneducated, immoral, ,,, and you still can't actually come up with anything wrong on it except that it goes against your USA hating, ultra-liberal, Godless opinions. It is always interesting to see a Godless person tell Christians what they should believe about their religion.

God Bless!!
Looks to me like they just want to share information and their beliefs withour drawing any attention to themselves personally.

What is wrong with a business person financing a ministry. Don't all causes raise money. Looks like Ameritianity raises all their operating expenses from their own legitimate business.
We owe the Bush Administration tremendous gratitude for keeping the USA safe from more attacks. Even in doing so, those interrogated still have their heads, their eyes, their limbs, and their lives. We've had enough of the Obama pretentious "moral high ground". We expect our elected leaders to do all that is needed to keep America safe and free. We cannot allow the insanity of letting terrorists hit us first.

When someone has no moral or ethical foundation, when you have only the "opinion" of other men to rely on, and when that opinion is based on political motives, moral confusion follows. This President was confronted with pirates who had taken over 100+ ships off the coast of Somalia. No hostages have been killed. Pirates are teenagers. One hostage is taken and money is demanded. The decision is made to kill the pirates.

Yet, another President makes the decision, after a terrorist attack that killed 3000+ Americans, to "waterboard" three known terrorists, one who stated that he knew of additional imminent attacks on Americans, after members of Congress and the Legal Establishment gave advice and consent, and that President and his Administration are threatened with prosecution by the very people who authorized killing the teenagers who had not yet hurt anyone. All three terrorists who were "waterboarded" are still living, have their heads, arms, legs, fingers, and had an experience less traumatic than USMC Boot Camp or Navy Seal training, That is moral confusion and playing politics at a very dangerous level.
WASHINGTON 04/19/2009 -- Damn the tea bags. A top adviser to President Barack Obama takes a dim view of last week's anti-tax "tea parties," promoted by organizers in the spirit of the Boston Tea Party. "The thing that bewilders me is this president just cut taxes for 95 percent of the American people. So I think the tea bags should be directed elsewhere because he certainly understands the burden that people face," David Axelrod said Sunday.

Mr. Axelrod:

You missed the points of the protests. It's not just about "tax rates". It is about running up the "deficit" and the "national debt" which you and the administration propose to QUADRUPLE! Americans know that all debt will be paid back someday, that it will be paid with tax dollars which ultimately come from the American people whether it is by increased taxes in the future, inflation, taxes on business or productivity, or borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. The Boston Tea Party was also about the lack of "REPRESENTATION". It is about Congress signing off on spending bills they have not read. It is about a President insulting the American people and our previously elected officials by painting them as "ARROGANT" while Obama, the most arrogant President in history, speaks on foreign soil. It is about an administration that was NOT the first choice of 75% of the American people acting as if it has a mandate to "CHANGE" virtually everything about the USA. It is about a President who was not properly vetted by what is supposed to be an unbiased press. It is about calling Americans who disagree with the administration "un-American". And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Ameritianity 04/19/09

Did you think you were imagining things about Candidate Obama during the campaign? Did you feel something running up and down your brainstem that said "something just isn't right about this guy"? Did the cheering crowds of people crazed by Obama cause concern, especially since little is known about the guy?

Is Obama set on destroying American as we know it in order to try to rebuild America in his own twisted image? Destroying or controlling all business. Stock Market at 50% of what it was before his nomination. Blaming the previous administration for everything. Breaking promise after promise. Here are one professionals observations.

If 93% of whites voted for the white candidate for President, what would you call it? What do you call it when 93% of blacks vote for the black candidate? Could Obama be setting race relations in the US back many years?
Philosophy about the US Supreme Court: "Obama favors abortion rights, and although he has spoken against applying a so-called litmus test, he says he will not nominate someone who does not believe in a right to privacy. Obama is also inclined to pick someone who shares his view that the Constitution is to be interpreted in light of today's realities, not those of the founders." AP

EDITORS NOTE: The "RIGHT TO PRIVACY" was never a "RIGHT" found in the Constitution until Roe V. Wade which legalized abortion. This new found "RIGHT" has never been applied to any issue except abortion. Is Obama applying a litmus test?

The Obama Deficit: "A fresh estimate of the deficit showed it coming in at $1.84 trillion -- representing a massive 12.9% of gross domestic product -- in the current 2009 fiscal year that ends on Sept. 30. A prior White House forecast released in February projected a deficit of $1.75 trillion, or 12.3% of GDP."

The Bush Deficit: Washington - The US government's deficit exceeded projections for the just-ended 2007-08 budget year, hitting a record 455 billion Dollars , federal officials announced late Tuesday. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Jim Nussle, director of the Office of Management and Budget, issued a joint statement summarizing the government's revenues and spending for the 12 months through September.

EDITORS NOTE: So, to FIX the Bush Deficit of $455 Billion, Obama will grow the Deficit to $1.75 Trillion? Since November, 2007, the Democrats controlled the House and Senate and bragged about President Bush being a "Lame Duck" President. Obama often speaks about his "inheriting" this mess. Haven't heard him mention that his inheritance came from the Democrat congress.
No REDNECK....you have been a false witness against "Ameritianity."

Move on and find something a little less powerful to bash than people seeking to share their faith.
Coo-oo-oo-ool! Y'all keep on. Yer just confirming that yer as out of touch with reality as I first thought.

Cracks me UP when rightwads suggest or declare that I'm not a Christian because I think their politics are dangerous! L and OL
The thing that I'm REALLY paying attention to is this: EVERY time I start to second-guess, or doubt, or change my mind about going to seminary -- EVERY TIME -- I meet some new walking, breathing reason and confirmation of my desire.

Somebody has to untie Jesus from the Talkin' Bass wall decoration he's tied to!

LIBERATE him from the warmongering, free-market-worshiping Church of the Golden Calf that has him held hostage.

Sign. Me. Up.
LOL! "Move on"? I'm sittin' here on my own blogporch.

Re, "people seeking to share their faith."

My point: It's a false faith, if it's so tangled up in nationalism and nation-worship and capitalism worship. It's a Hydra. Sure ain't any God I ever grew up with -- not even in a chicken-fried Southern Baptist church.
Nope...it is you profanity and false witness against people you don't even know that makes one doubt your faith. We are knnown by the things we say and how we treat others.
Just curious oh wise one. Who created nations?
The phrase "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" comes to mind. These terms are found in a specific order because without the first, the following have no value. In our Christian community, we speak of the "Right to Life." We take a stand against abortion because we believe Life begins at conception and that Life is a gift from God. If we did not believe that the Life of a baby is of greater value than the Liberty or Pursuit of Happiness of the mother, we would not deserve to win the fight against abortion. God's plan of Salvation is all about the blessing of Eternal Life. The very price God determined to be the price that He would pay for the Salvation of all who would accept His Gift and His Plan was no less than the Life of His Son Jesus.

It was God who created Life out of dust. It was God who breathed Life into man. God wants us to place the very highest regard and value on Life just as He did in providing that Life was the ultimate price that would be paid for the Souls of men. Sometime in the past couple of years you spoke about our need to lessen the importance of "Nationalism." In your editorial we are discussing today, you mentioned "torturing a few foreigners" to save a larger number of Americans. You seem to be supporting the current tendency for some to bash the USA, implying that we are those "arrogant Americans." Questions: Who created nations? Who divided people by language and disbursed them around the world? Who established national government? Kings?
No! It is you profanity! And you false witness!

Guffaw. Settle down there, hoss. It's yer typos that got me so riled in the first place.

Like "(Christ is America)" -- that IS what it said. Pardone de moi if, considering the other bile on that site, I assummed you meant it and meant it literally. I see that you've taken that bit down now. Very good.

Now, quit insisting that Obama isn't a Christian because he's not a right-wing Christian; quit lying about him and the Dem Party being socialists; when pretending that Dubya hung the dang moon; quit lying to youself about waterboarding (it's torture by any definition but yours), and it's very, very non-Jesusy; and, you know, try tell the truth about something. Try it! You'll feel a lot better when you quit torturing (oopsie!) your conscience by telling all these lies. Srsly.
Boatster! Hi there. Who the heck's talking about abortion?

But since you brought it up. I promkise I will never have one. O promise I will do everything in my power to persuade my daughter not to have one, if she faced that, including volunteering to take the child to raise myself. Start a national fund to give unwanted babies a chance at life; I'll contribute; I'll also support any federal legislation, or state, to take unwanted babies to raise. I will.

But I will never support simply criminalizing abortion. So soddy.
Re, "God's plan of Salvation is all about the blessing of Eternal Life."

No. Not it is not! Try again!

It's about living life NOW as a conduit of God's love, and working to advance the kingdom. It is NOT about what *I* GET! Or what *YOU* GET. It's about what *I* GIVE, and what *YOU* GIVE!!

You've ot your fire insurance, I'll bet. You walked the aisle. I can smell it. I did, too. Read your insurance policy carefully, man. It has to be updated regularly.
... the legacy of white power, defended and hyperventilated...
All you have pointed out here is that no matter what anyone says about anything, there is always more to be said. I make a statement about the personal relationship created when one becomes a Christian, ie: the only way to the Father is through the Son ... God sent His Son to Save the world ... Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved to eternal life ... etc., so minimize it and throw out other obvious attributes of Salvation. It would be nice to have an intelligent dialog but you are typically liberal, always point out that which was not pointed out and minimize the others perspective. Certainly there is the Great Commission, Salt and Light, etc., but unless one is saved to eternal life, they are worthless to the furtherance of the kingdom. And all of these are also found on the site...including a call to PRAY for Obama and our leaders.

You were sarcastic relative to the "ministry" of Ameritianity in the face of hundreds of readers specifically writing about how they have benefited from the website.

The site has never stated that Obama is not a Christian. They have posted HIS OWN STATEMENTS via audio and video that are not found in the media so that citizens can make up their own minds about the qualifications of Obama.
... the legacy of white power, defended and hyperventilated...

... the hatred of white people ... defended and lied about ...

Why do so many of the people of the world long to come to the USA?
EDITORS NOTE: So, to FIX the Bush Deficit of $455 Billion, Obama will grow the Deficit to $1.75 Trillion? Since November, 2007, the Democrats controlled the House and Senate and bragged about President Bush being a "Lame Duck" President. Obama often speaks about his "inheriting" this mess. Haven't heard him mention that his inheritance came from the Democrat congress.
Apparently Anonymous is so sure of him/herself and the rightness of his/her "ideas" that s/he continues to hide behind anonymity. Or is that anon-itianity? (More like anon-inanity.) LOL

But it is fun to rile up the trolls sometimes.
Re: your previous post on Romans 13:14. Tug has a point in the context of the 13th chapter of Romans. One God, One King, One Country: all by the will of God.

Ah, for the days of the mimeograph and small levels of distribution of the weird.

Even so, back in the 60's my four page weekly mimeographed newsletter had a bigger "readership" than my current blog available world wide.

ER the site in question is small potatoes compared to the real bile flowing on the Internet.
Re, "You were sarcastic relative to the "ministry" of Ameritianity in the face of hundreds of readers specifically writing about how they have benefited from the website."

Absolutely. I am sarcastic, and I am suspicious of anyone who testifies to having "benefited" from such hockey. Absolutely. Hell's bells, man, white freaks testify to "benefits" from the Ku Klux Klan's "ministry" too. That means nada.
Re, "Why do so many of the people of the world long to come to the USA?"

Probably to do their small part to chip away at white hegemony. The principles of the country are wonderful. The market system is great, too, when kept in check by the people and the people's government. It sure ain't 'cause they love what white power has done with it lately.
On the deficit: Obama does need to pipe down about the deficit. The fact the lake will run low in a few years is no reason to stop pumping water on as fire that's burning out of control NOW.

Screw the deficit! I could not care less -- not until this "free market" run amok is arighted.
Usually you have to go to some public park in a big city to hear quality crazy ranting like this. Thanks to the internet, I can do it from the comfort of my own home.

Keep it up!
Wow! The comments a'sploded!

ER: If I were a Christian, I would emit a loud and boisterous amen in response to your comments. Perhaps I will step outside of myself for a moment if indeed only to say, "Amen!"
Ineely! Glad to be able to draw you out ... of yourself ... so to speak. :-)
Hi! ER, I do like the way you respond intelligently to the rubbish from the crazed anon, but I do disagree with you that we can keep ignoring the deficit as we have been for decades. The shot we must take for this disease will hurt...badly. But it's better than rotting from the cancer of fiscal irresponsibility. I believe the free market can fix the 'fire' that you say we should ignore the deficit for.... if bloated government will get out of the way and let it. Yeah, it would be more Wild West, at least for a little while, but things have a way of working out when people get desparate. You get what I'm saying?
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