Thursday, May 21, 2009


Would-be seminarian's remorse?

I'm having no second thoughts. What I *am* staring in the face is doubt that I can do the work! Not a question of ability, but of time!

Seems like I barely have time to do what I have to do now! Yikes.


You won't have a problem if you cut into your sleep time and give up your weekends and vacations.
It's either that or give up leisure readin' and drinkin'. :-)
You'll have more reading to do than you might want. All that reading, which will lead to thinking, which will also lead to arguments, will lead, in due course to drinking. We used to gather at a pizza parlor on Wisconsin Ave. on dollar pitcher nights, order a couple big pizzas and have the waitress refill the pitcher, and sit around and talk and argue and solve all the problems in the church, and forget all the solutions the next day because we were so drunk the night before.

Martin Luther is a guide in this. We should have had a stenographer jotting down all our words on beer napkins.
Dude. Pizza joint table talk! Absotively. :-)
One strategy is to join a car pool to and fro to Tulsa. Then you can sleep in transit. You can read in transit. You all can listen to lecture tapes, audio textbooks, or each others insights to and fro.
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