Sunday, May 24, 2009


A Scripture readin' fer this fine Sunday

When Jesus got done talkin’ he left and headed for his own stompin’ grounds, out around Nazareth, where he marched right up to the meetin’ house and started teachin’ – and they said, “How in the world did that boy get so smart? Looky at what all he can do! Huh. But wait a doggone minute! Idn’t that that carpenter’s boy? Idn’t his mama Mary? James, Joseph, Simon, Judas – those’re his brothers, and then there’s his sisters. They’re just everyday folks, like us. How’d he get so big for his britches? What makes him think he’s so dang smart?” And they turned agin’ him. Jesus said: “It figures. It’s like they say, ‘Familiarity breeds contempt.’ But y’all just think you know me.” So he didn’t do much to write home about in them parts, because he was home, and the home folks didn’t put much stock in what he was sayin’ and they had a real devil-may-care attitude about what he was doin’.

(Matthew 13: 54-58. Consider it copyrighted by myself).


I really do love this rewrite you're doing, ER. It's like reading one of the many awful prose translations of Beowulf, then being handed Seamus Heaney's wonderfully poetic version. The difference is the life in the words.
Thanks. That's a heck of a compliment, and encouraging. :-) I've been able to work on it most of the day!
Wouldn't down the hollow the boys be named:

Josh: Jesus (Joshua)
Jim Bob: James
Joe Boy : Joseph
Sim : Simon
Jud : Judas (Jude)

Keep it up ya'll.
Good job, ER, and I think DrLobo is on the right track, too...
Thanks, Dan!
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