Saturday, May 30, 2009


'The People Chaser Derecho'

Dr. ER and I were just rememberin' this meteorological oddity of eight years ago.


The "gust fronts" and "micro burst" have seemed to be getting stronger and longer in recent years as well. I would expect to see more of the derechos as the climate belts shift north over the next few decades.

Damn good thing that we have stopped the dry land strip plowing fro crops that we did in the 1930's or even the 2001 derecho would have given us a real duster.

By the way back in February when they took out an old plaster ceiling in my living room, there was two inches of dust on some areas of it. The effect of the 30's dust storms are still around it seems.

How did Vortex II turn out?
See, I learn more and more every time I read this blog. Never heard of a "derecho", and I do not recall hearing about this event at the time (although I was busy getting close to the birth of my second child at the time, so there were other things on my mind).

You certainly have interesting weather in Oklahoma.
I'd never heard of a derecho either till it rolled over us! Not very common.
Derechos are not normally call that. They have many local names.

One of the most famous "derechos" was associated with a 1500 mile warm front stretching from a deep Low Pressure system near Winnipeg all the way down to Galveston, Texas. Gordon Lightfoot imortalized it in his song, "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald". It came as the Witch of November, 75 knots and 35 foot waves, a Northwestern gale that broke the back of the largest ship on the Great Lakes on November 10, 1975.

"The wind in the wires made a tattle-tale sound, and a wave broke over the
railing, and every man knew as the captain did too, twas the witch of
November come stealing,"
Keep talking, and I keep learning. Love Gordon Lightfoot (his concerts are really dull, tho) and while that's not my favorite of his songs ("Sundown" and "Canadian Railroad Trilogy"), I do like it.

I feel like a kid in school today. Thanks.
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