Sunday, May 31, 2009


Is me

I'm coming to the conclusion that I simply do not have time to take any classes this fall. Household circumstances require more of me than I have to give and have much left over after work. I'm caught with one foot in sad, one in mad, and I'm straddling the hard reality that it really would take a "God thing" or things for me to be about to do the seminary thing.

There. I've let it go, for now. I've turned it loose. As they say, if it was ever mine to begin with, it'll come back to me.



Alva doesn't need anyone taking classes.
She needed you at that moment, and all that you are right now.
I hate to sound all religious -- :-) -- but God does have God's own mysterious ways of getting peeps to see what God wsants them to see.

I never would have noticed that I don't have a pastoral bone in my body, or even the impulse, until I started thinking about an academic path that would take me close to that possibility.

And it never would have occurred to me that one way to describe the responsibility I owe the world as a follower of Jesus is sort of "pastoral," as in service, whether I have the credential, or a pulpit, or a parish, or not, if I hadn't been trying so hard to see me in such a formal position.
One step at a time, one day at a time. I am praying for you. Sounds like you are finding your vocation -- which has nothing to do with how you earn a livelihood.
sacrifice sux and there's never a good time for this.
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