Saturday, May 02, 2009


Happy birthday to me. I am ...


a yellow Zen frisbee?
Come on. You know what that is.
A child's introduction to the second amendment?
Ya gotta be kiddin'.

Think rpm.
Zoroastrian trinity?

(It's a slot gun disc, right?)

If none of this is true, I'm out of ideas.
:-) It's one of those doohickeys you put inside a 45-rpm record so you can play it on a regular turntable.

Today's my bithday. I'm ... 45! :-)
oh, the shame.

(that you're still referencing turntables):~)
Why does my smiley face look more like a Neanderthal recreation?
YEAH, AND SEE, "doohickey"!!!

You don't even know what it really is.


Happy Birthday, Mr. Blue Suede Shoes.
Ha! Dr. ER got me a new oldtime record player (with CD player and AM-FM) for Christmas before last, and I have a grocery sack of 45s from my yoot. And a few LPs in a closet.

And, thanks.
a spindle spider
Are you making that up?

I would not be surprised if you did in fact know the name.
For real. RCA invented the large hole 45 rpm record to control the production of such. Prior to that all pop music was 78 rpm and used a small hole for the spindle. They (RCA) also made the large spindle record player that would play up to 10 records in a row. Thus to play their 45 rpm records on a non RCA player you had to use a adapter-spider for it to fit on the narrow spindles.

It was a sort of early VHS versus Beta market fight. 45 RPM won in the short term. Come to think of it, the earlier record fight was the Edison cylinder versus the RCA disk. Ah, Capitalism.
Mazal tov, young fogey. I actually have a still-in-the-box turntable, though no 45's.
"Come to think of it, the earlier record fight was the Edison cylinder versus the RCA disk. Ah, Capitalism."

Make that the "Victor" disk. RCA came later.
Happy Birthday "Old Man" Let me know how it feels, I'm there in four years
Teresa, I'm just flattered that a hot young thang like yerself hangs around here. ;-) Hee hee.
Many happy returns, from an under 40-er. (But not so young as to suggest that you "rawk on.")

Hope you had a great one!
Ha! Thanks, Doc! I consumed a fine ceegar, a coupla Maker's Marks rocks, a great joint of meat and some fancy-schmancy wine that is normally way above my pay grade! A fine time was had by Dr. ER and myself!
That does sound very nice. Very nice.
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