Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Godderel doggerel

Damn the blues
Tossed and turned

and now all
I can show
are a bunch
of bylines?
"News" stories?
Some columns?
Is that all?

Is this all?
Jesus saves

years now since
I met Grace
Deacon, yes
Sing some hymns
Man a pew
Sitting still

Toss and turn
Damn the blues


On a lighter note, I'm reading The Qur'an but it's boring me to tears. I should've gotten an annotated version.
Give me that old tyme conviction...

Quran is boring? Yes, but think about having to read it in Arabic. If you were a true convert that would be the only way in which you would be allowed to read it. Don't read Arabic, tough.

Get one that is indexed and start reading it by subject. The Quran is NOT Sequential. The front is not the beginning.
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