Saturday, May 09, 2009


For SCOTUS: Vicki Miles-LaGrange

President Obama: nominate Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange.

Among other good things, it might do a little toward repairing Oklahoma's wildly intolerant, right-wing image.


As a past member of a racially segregated organization, her nomination would surely be challenged by all right-thinking integrationists on the Senate Judiciary committee.
Would that be almost as bad for Thomas as Anita would be. However this would be an excellent choice for the rest of the court and the nation.
Actually she might be opposed by the far left.
Vicki is so damn legally balanced that she riles both sides of most any issue. Actually it is such a reasonble choice it will probably never happen. But then again a black female judge from the redest of red states. Our deligation to Congress and the Senate might actually support her, except for Inhoff. She has bloodied his toes in the past.

Yeah, I would love to see this.
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Comment deleated cause I gots this reading comprehension problem.
I was wonderin' ... Go Judge Vicki anyway!
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