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'Changing Lives: The UCC's Wider Mission'

I love this.


Hey Man, off topic.
Sometime put the link to the test that tells if you're like Stalin or Mother Teresa. Just sometime.
The grace of God right there. Right there.

Where is the sin in believing that we can see Divine Love -- not metaphorically or with some mystical eyes of faith -- but confessing that we are hearing a story of God's appearing, living right there in the things that happened?

It Is Right There. God's life right there. God is alive right there in him, the original 12, the 300 that came, and Lillian Hoffman.

The story is a lot of things. Ministry, love, human survival, relationship, community, growth, death, etc. All true human sociologically rich life.


It is also God's real life right there, indwelling good human beings who were "right there with each other," God was really there, too.

We need to deny time, that's what we need to deny. It is the rolling along of days, the domesticity of Lillian Hoffman that covers over real being. God fades away from us because the sun sets on drame or rises to wipe away the nocturnal epiphanies. But time is fallenness. Time is not real.

God is real and I can see God right there in that story.

And that quells so much of what Pew can survey.
So glad you watched. This is why I'm part of the UCC. This is why MA may choose before long not to be part of the UCC, and that's OK, actually. That kind of grace is what hangs in the air almost palpably at my own church, and it's why I wept every Sunday there in the pew, and slipped out, beard dripping, week after week for so long, until I eventually got my legs under me enough to dare think I could manage to say to another: "I'm with you." How could I not stumble the way I've gone?
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