Thursday, April 09, 2009


Wildfires sweeping down the plain

Hurricane-force winds fan wildfires in Oklahoma and Texas.

Some 100 homes destroyed in Midwest City, as any as 20 in Choctaw, both OKC suburbs.

Front coming through right now, shifting winds, rekindling fires already beaten back.


Oh dear... good luck and all that.

Our fire season is over now (and it wasn't a good one for Victoria) - sorry to hear it is now yours.

Who's idea was it that trees should burn so easy?

"Who's idea was it that trees should burn so easy?"


The real culprits are the cedar trees carried along the edge of the Cross Timbers in the shit of migrating birds. In the normal ecology w/out man the prairie fires would seep in every year or two and burn the seedlings and then be snuffed out by the blackjack oaks in the Cross Timbers because they won't burn.

But now the Texas cedars grow to full size trees because of human fire suppresion. So when they burn they "candle" and explode into flame send embers hudreds of yards further along into the fuel.
Thanks Drlobojo

That sounds all too familar.

Man has a lot to answer for

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