Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Why prosecutors, as a class, suck

Sorry. My default is almost always with the defense, because of bullstuff like this.

The power of the state is an awesome power. That's mainly why I'm against capital punishment. Period. Any prosecutorial misconduct is too much. And then, there's this.


Add to the above that the case against Sen. Stevens has been thrown out for prosecutorial misconduct, and the prosecutors themselves are going to be investigated for possible criminal charges.

See http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/08/us/politics/08stevens.htm
Good lord. You've changed your avatar to a bull.
That's just a lil ol' stocker on wheat out by Corn!
I have watched the local elite pressure a prosecutor to indite a an innocent man by innuendo on the front page of a news paper. When presented at court after a year of invective, the judge took 3 minutes to throw the case out.

I have also watched the local elite pressure a prosecutor to not charge their elite friend with a negligent homicide and the case was never brought.

I have watched a prosecutor so intent on charging two people with the murder of two of my friends, that he gave immunity to the real murder and there by inadvertently took the death penalty off the table and then blamed the presiding judge for his stupidity.

So I got out my Tin Drum and beat it for justice.
Oh yes, Grand Jury = Witch Hunt.
Loaf of bread and all ...
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