Friday, April 03, 2009


UCC hails Iowa Supreme Court decision



I'm still finding it hard to believe this isn't some sort of elaborate April Fools prank.

Iowa? Iowa?!?

That must be a total sucker punch right to fundies naughty bits. It's one thing for the land of fruits and nuts to capitulate to us godless sodomites, but Iowa?!

A Repub-sappointed court, too, from what I understand.

Let liberty loose! Let freedom ring!
Well, I too was susprized, but Hell has not yet frozen over. Now if Oklahoma ever accepts this level of equity, that will be a day cold enough to quench the fires.
Don't you think some people here might actually storm the Supreme Court? Or something else futile, stupid and potentially violent?
Nope, simply because the way or constitution is written equality and equity are impossible to exstract from it, so it would never happen.

If by some fluke the court did do such, then they would all have to go to Iowa and hide.
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