Thursday, April 09, 2009


Speaking of hell: Sean Hannity can go there*


In my haste, I forgot my usual asterisk and footnote, and Trixie gently and properly chastised me for it -- for wishing hell on anyone on this Maundy Thursday, no less.

The asterisk is now in the headline. The footnote is below:

*Not meant to suggest the destiny of his immortal soul.

Original angry post:

Eff. Him.


He carries his with him wherever he goes.
Right between his red ears.
Hannity will be his own destruction. He and Beck and Limbaugh have crossed over the line of ethics and reason. Shortly each in turn will cross over the line of incitement to crime at which point their sponsor will abandon them as will 99% of their readers. Then their frustration will lead them to treason and we will lead them to the nut house.
Wishing will not make it so
Actually, I think drlobojo is wrong here. The saying "Money talk, BS walks," applies here. They appear on TV and radio saying the things they say because people tune in, advertisers recognize this and in turn pay the stations that play them to keep going.

It is sad, indeed, that Hannity, Coulter, Limbaugh, Savage, Beck, and the rest of the pack of rabid chipmunks are so clueless to their own hypocrisy, stupidity, lying, and so on. Think Progress took on Bill O'Reilly's sponsors after one of their bloggers got ambushed by a producer while she was on vacation, and, so far, the response has been tepid, to be generous.

Now, O'Reilly crossed an ethical line; I honestly don't know what his political beliefs are, and I really couldn't care less. Unlike the right-wing blabbermouths, he doesn't toe any particular ideological line. If you can't get sponsors and advertisers to back away from a pretty serious breach of ethics, how in the world are you going to do it for folks who, at least arguably, are only speaking their minds? I don't see it happening.

I used to think this kind of thing was possible, at least, and got hounded by ER for advocating it. The real-world results, however, are mixed (a local right-winger in San Francisco got axed, but only because ratings sagged due to bad press; their parent company, Disney, tried to sue a small-time blogger for airing snippets of their show, allegedly without attribution; one or two advertisers have backed away from O'Reilly, but my guess is there are probably others waiting to get on that bus).

Unless a definitive link between specific speech-acts by one of these bozos and some act of anti-American violence (the shooting in TN last year might be as close as one comes, because the shooter at the UU congregation cited Bernard Goldberg's book as a source of his self-professed "hate crime"), I just don't see them silencing anytime soon.
Have not clicked the link -- no time at the moment. However, on Maundy Thursday no less when you are serving communion, is it ever up to any of us to tell anyone to go to hell? Even in jest, or perhaps righteous indignation -- makes no difference. Will you be surprised to have Sean (or any other nut case) as a roommate in heaven? Think about that. God loves everyone. No exceptions. Everyone.

(Trying to deal with my own rages about outrageous behavior, so please know this isn't a preachy lecture to you as much as a statement to my own bad self.)
My bad, Trixie. In my haste, I forgot my usual asterisk and footnore. I'll fix that.
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