Monday, April 27, 2009


Pontiac, RIP

Never owned one. Lots of redneck yoots had Trans-Ams back in the day, though.

To old muscle!


The mark of dead cars . . .
Their slogan used to be "Pontiac: The Mark of Great Cars"
Ah, yer right. Sad passing ...
What's weird is, I just bought a new car last fall. My husband and I had a list of criteria.
1) It had to get 30+ MPG
2) my six-and-a-half-foot-tall husband had to be able to drive it comfortably (most vehicles now-days have this bulging console in the middle of the car that hurt his knee)
3) I had to be able to carry a tuba in the back (oldest plays the tuba, youngest plays the cello. The cargo requirements are quite demanding)
4)It had to not have a blind-spot you could hide a Hummer in.

There was ONE domestic brand vehicle that fit the bill:

A Pontiac Vibe.

We bought a Chevy Beretta the year before they discontinued that, bought a camero the year before they discontinued that...

I sense a trend.
Whoa. Stay away from all pickups! :-)
Say why do you think Dodge is selling brand new 08 pickups msrp of $24,000 for $9,995.

On my grandfathers farm there are three pickups parked and stripped down to nothing and what's left is shot full of holes. One is a Studebaker, one is an IH, and one is a Jeep.
Teresa - my wife bought a Vibe in '06, and she loves it. Unfortunately for Pontiac, it's marketed by Toyota under another name, so you can still get your Vibe with a Japanese accent.

Word verification is "clarati". Hoping for some . . .
I had a 95 Grand Am that would not die. I tried my damnedest to kill it, too. When I was a kid, we had a Pontiac Phoenix. It was a great car, but my mom killed it when she submerged it in a flash flood under a railroad bridge off Britton Rd.
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