Friday, April 24, 2009


Oklahoma's "Church Lady" House of Reps purses Lips; Gov. Brad Henry (Brad Henry) makes 'em smile -- and ER will be glad when the Legis. goes home!

Oklahoma House slaps The Flaming Lips.


Ah Hell ER, those were just Wanda Jackson's kinflok that were pissed that she didn't win. You know that clan is thick as theives and outnumber the flies on a dead hog.
I WANNA MOVE TO OKLAHOMA! Ya'lls crazy people (I can say ya'll right? I lived in Alabama for almost a year...and it wasn't in that yankee encleve, Huntsville, neither! It was Birmingham!) LOL

Anyway...ya'lls crazy people are so much better than our crazy people. Our crazy people are all doom and gloom. Your crazy people at least listen to modern music enough to call it communist.
DrLobo: Mighta been. I voted for "Never Been to Spain" myself.

Teresa: They can be fun! Mostly they're not mean -- just wacked.
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