Friday, April 17, 2009


If you cannot remain silent


I hate to admit some silent trolling over at Marshall's, but he actually has a pretty lengthy post with over 170 comments on this very topic. The usual suspects poke their ugly, hate-filled heads - Marshall himself, Neil, Mark - and Dan Trabue is game but overwhelmed by the bigoted stupid. I wanted to put in a cent or two, but, really, what does it matter?

This isn't just about "bullying". This is about hatred, discrimination - targeting a particular group of individuals for verbal and physical abuse based solely on who they are as human beings. It is about sexual minority youth committing suicide at far higher rates than heterosexual youth. It is about gay-bashing as sport.

Silent? Who can keep silent? Who should keep silent?

Neil, who insists this is all part of some nefarious plot to destroy America.

Marshall, who thinks that sexual minorities are only in it for their physical jollies.

Mark, who cannot let this subject pass without repeatedly using the word "pervert", which leads me to believe his mind is filled with images that both enthrall and disgust him.

They should keep silent.

BTW, word verification? "Mormaliz"

Once again, either the Holy Spirit of serendipity.
Hateful loons.
I won't bother going over there, but one can imagine. I assume that the comment thread is filled with examples of exactly the sort of hate to which this Day of Silence is designed to call attention. Ironic that. Even more ironic is that these are the folks who supposedly complain that schools are not spending enough time teaching values. Well, unless that value is smear the queer, then they're all for it.

When I was teaching HS, several of my students, gay and straight, participated each year. (I didn't. I think its more powerful if it's a student-led action designed for student participation.) Interestingly a few straight teachers did participate and had all sorts of interesting ways to make sure that the day went pretty much like any other day.

It wasn't a problem. It didn't interfere with the day in the least. It didn't interfere with my classroom, my lessons, or the learning of the student -- neither those who participated nor those who did not. And it was, from my point of view, the most respectful and reasonable and polite student protest/action of the entire school year.

But some folks don't even want LGBT people to have rights to free speech, which is what I'm sure the Amerikkkan Descent crowd is suggesting: No free speech for fags. I'm surprised they don't have T-Shirts printed with the slogan.

Or pillow cases.
One thing I've observed over the decades is that the LGBT communities have as diverse a makeup of human temperaments as the hetro communities.

That is to say a bully is a bully is a bully. Are there LGBT bullies, you bet. Black bullies, yep. Billionaire bullies, trailer park bullies, oh yes and so forth and so on. The bullies' targets are what ever they can get away with.

No one should ever allow or pass by an instance of bullying, regardless of the bully's or the bullied's size, sexual orientation, color or what ever the hell the excuse is for the activity.

If we don't step between the bully and their victim then we are abetting the bully. You may get your ass whooped up on, but your soul will be intact.
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