Wednesday, April 29, 2009


How in hell can people hate Obama?



When Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated, I cried, because I knew the last best chance for peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict had died with him.

I wondered, as everyone does at times like this, why. There is no answer that makes sense. Some people hate because that is really all they have. Their world is so small that any difference whatsoever is an immediate threat.

Other people hate Obama for pretty traditional reasons - race, envy of success, his supreme sense of confidence, all the mundane things that tie human beings up in knots.

The haters can be dangerous - anyone from Oklahoma City should be able to testify to that - but for the most part they do far more damage to themselves than to anyone else. Unlike anytime I can remember in the past sixteen years - with the exception of the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks - the US is solidly behind both the current President and the majority in Congress. There is no even division anymore; we want Obama and the Democrats to succeed.

Rejection, too, can fuel the fires of hate.
They hate us because we're free.
I don't hate Obama because of race, envy or any of the reasons cited in the previous response. The reasons I dislike and fear Obama are his POLICIES and his background. I have an uncle I like but with whom I disagree on many political points. However, I would like to think that he would not be so ignorant as to think that so many intelligent people don't like Obama for personal rather than factual reasons.
Apparently the difference between simple political disagreement and hatred is lost on the anonymous poster. One can disagree with Obama's policies; that was not the question posed. The question posed - and addressed - was the issue of Obama-hatred. Funny enough, you cannot see the difference, Anonymous, which speaks far more than your words ever could.
animous: "The reasons I dislike and fear Obama are his POLICIES and his background."


Those are the exact reasons I dislike and distrust George W. Bush.
However I never "feared" Bush.

How can people hate Obama?
He invalidates them.
Anon, if you don't hate Obama, but only are against his policies, then you are not who I'm talking about. Rush Limbaugh, though? He's a hateful, unfunny, hypocritical, small, small person. Him, I'm talking about.

BTW, I didn't understand the craziest lefties who hated Dubya, either.
Don't forget, anon said he "feared"

Without exception you hate what you fear.

That reminds me of the phenomena called the "hate stare" known only to those of color or underclass.

As for hating "W". For those of us who served in our war he was the acme of "Jody" and Cheney was his "Pancho":

"Jody (also jodie) from a recurring character, a civilian or stay at home named "Jody" whose luxurious lifestyle is contrasted with military deprivations... The mythical Jody refers to a civilian or reservist who remains at home ... Jody is often presumed to be medically unfit for service, a 4F in World War II parlance. Jody also lacks the desirable attributes of military men. He is neither brave nor squared-away. Jody will take advantage of your girlfriend in your absence. Jody stays at home, drives the soldier's car, and gets the soldier's sweetheart, gets the soldiers job, promotions, and credit for a job well done, and is the soldiers boss when he returns."

See Jody calls.
I can not wait to turn in my paper and get back to you. You are most all anonymous yet you pounce when someone signs anon rather than make up a name.
Huh? Most Anon here get pouncedd on because of what they say. At least it ain't me jumpin' ugly on Anonymi just for bein' anon.

But, more of the regulars here know one another's ID in the RW than you think.
Oh, and if you're actually doing a paper, like for school or something, I suggest you note that the culture of blogging posits that people who regularly post at a certain place, with the same peeps, do take on a handle so people will at least sort of know who they're dealing with on an ongoing basis.

'Cause if you don't, yer liable to get a bad grade, or an "incomplete." In any case, I'd love to see your paper and hear some of the marginalia! Good luck!
drlobojo --

"Without exception, you hate what your fear" ... what a false generalization! Actually, I fear those who generalize because of the implications, but I don't hate them.
I hate applesauce and beets.
Anon--""Without exception, you hate what your fear" ... what a false generalization!"

Please please please put that in your "paper" please please!

Now note, I didn't say you fear what you hate. I hate anon-a-holes but I don't fear them.
Anonymous, you can dissemble all you wish, but your hate and fear are are the most clear signature to your comments. They say who you are like your name never could.
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