Tuesday, April 14, 2009


A headline that makes me dizzy

"Dr. Dobson Sets the Record Straight on Tonight's 'Hannity'"

Just can't get my head around any headline with "sets the record straight" and "Hannity" in it. Gaaaahh.

As for the meat of the article: No opinion. Hadn't heard, or misheard, what he said or didn't say. Whatev. Focus on the Family gets to act offended and get a free ride on an alleged slight.

Pshaw. There is no brou to this haha.


I just assumed Dobson was retiring because some skeleton was about to kick down his closet door.
Heck I figured he was getting ready to run for President in 2012.
Praise God Almighty and Hallelujah! James Dobson said tonight on Hannity, and I heard him with my own ears, "There aren't any more Timothy McVeighs out there."
Thank you God. Thank you Jim Dobson. I won't have to live through any of that crap anymore.

But I've just got to say Jim, just in case there might be just one, out there somewhere, how about this time he blows the shit out of people around you. I've had my quota of right wingnuts spilling blood for me to walk in. Your turn?
Hmmm...I guess this guy was their last one, and he mis-fired.
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