Monday, April 06, 2009


Carrie Underwood does my Okie heart good!

Carrie Underwood, fellow rural eastern Okie!

What a winning doll.

What a dress!

(What a babelet!)

Oklahoma country music: What history!


You know, where I was this weekend, I found out that Oklahoma became part of the US because Dessaline and the Haitian slaves killed Napoleon's brother-in-law and defeated his more than 20K soldiers so bad that Napoleon wanted out of the Americas.

So we got the Louisiana Purchase for 4 cents an acre.

The black man got us the mid-west.
Got us the Southwest, too, if you're talkin' about Oklahoma.

This ain't Iowa. :-)
By the way, regarding Iowa, I also learned that there was a significant dual migration from the South to the Midwest in the early, mid 1800s of 1. those repelled by racism and 2. those who could not stand proximity to slaves.

The historian spoke of the progressive tradition of Iowa stemming from this influx of abolitionists from the South.

This partially addresses Obama's Caucus victory and now the act of integrity by Iowa's Supreme Court.

Re Oklahoma, it is the home of one of 20th centuries greatest historians: John Hope Franklin, whose book (and career), From Slavery to Freedom, changed the History departments of Americas colleges and their previous gloss of slavery.
i really like Carrie Underwood. she's easy on the eyes and can belt out a song. my fave. one of her's is So Small:

wonderfully delivered in 2007's CMA. the wife and I are big fans of Taylor Swift. really like her, and there were a few other ones on there.. can't stand toby keith. can't believe dude has the balls to make another album. FAIL.

good stuff dawg. rawk out!
Kind of off-topic, but HWMNBN has a post up right now about evolution and morality that just sort of wanders around hitting fundie hot-buttons at random. Nothing more than word salad.

He's like a zoo animal kept in confines that are too tight for it's mental health. Just sort of flailing around lashing out at phantoms.
"Where 69 meets 40." Well, now that line can be interpreted in sooooo many ways.

Actually Spain disagreed with France as to the southern boundary of the Lousianna purchase. They claimed it was the Arkansas river, while Jefferson said it was the Red River. So when Jefferson sent Pike up the Platt and down the Canadian and another expedition up the Red River the Spanish stopped the Red River expedition by force and arrested Pike when he crossed over the Arkansas into Spanish territory. They also sent two expeditions to arrest Lewis and Clark but never got near enough to them to accomplish such.

We "got the southwest" because of the Mexican American War 40 something years latter.

As for Haiti, it is the second oldest Democracy in the world.
With a successful revolution supported by a religious movement, VooDoo.
Well, his posts have been getting a little rambly lately. I really do wonder if he's under some kind of life pressure that's leading to a meltdown or something. I wish him well.
OK, Pike went up the Arkansas not the Platt.

I was wondering the same thing. And I do too. I'm kind of hoping for a crisis of certainty, however. They, while painful, often result in rewarding growth.
Crises of false certainty are the very fertilizer of personal growth.
Re: Carrie Underwood

I enjoy her music. I love her voice.

But I'm awfully disappointed in the young woman. How can somebody, anybody, who is from the Steer Wrestling Capital of the World be anti-rodeo? Just makes me sick to my stomach. Calls herself a vegetarian and an animal lover, which, in L.A., is the thing, but back in her hometown, beef is what's for dinner.

I likely won't spend money on her music until she decides to carve into a medium-rare ribeye -- OK, I'll let her go as far as a medium, but that's it. :-) -- while at a rodeo.
Well, it might be that she's seen some calf ropin' which is very unsettling to some peeps. I never have any comprehension is this phenomenon known as .. what is it? veggiestafrianism? Totally foreign concept to me. :-)
I just giggled like a schoolgirl.
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