Thursday, April 02, 2009


The Apocrypha, Bel, his priests, the dragon, Daniel, the lions, the prophet Habbukuk, seminary, holy Hot Shots, cow herdin' and me

Linda, the gal in charge of plying us wannabe seminarians with victuals at these here so-called alleged "discernment dinners" and corraling us up, then lurkin' around by the loadin' chutes until we're so cow-eyed we willingly stumble onto the truck for a trip to, you know, just check out the campus, all the while pokin' us with a spiritual Hot Shot to keep us dogies movin' along until -- clang! -- the gates to the religious-tradition-and-preconceived-notion kill floor slam shut (how's THAT for a metaphor!) told me the following:

"For some reason, your effort to make this decision reminded me of a story that's found in the apocrypha, a version of the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den that was ultimately rejected by the protestants. There is another familiar character in the text, Habbakuk the prophet. You can find the text of the story here. Pay particular attention to what happens to Habbakuk."

At the time, all I could think of to say was, "Very cool. Habbakuk: What a 'call'! :-)" -- but now I'm not sure what she mighta been thinkin'. It'd take a real miracle for God or anyone else to find enough hair on top of my head up by to yank me.

What do y'all think?


I do believe that if you had even one stray strand, our God would drag you by it where he needed you to go.

It's a nice little metaphor for what happens sometimes. We hear the call, and sit around and spin our excuses, and God, who needs us to do what we are called to do NOW, doesn't beat around the bush.

Of course, there's also chest hair, etc. by which we may be dragged. Where's there's God's will, there's always a way.
Yeah, but God whisked Habbuk away for a specific task, then plopped him right back where he found him. ...
"...through the vehemency of his spirit set him in Babylon ..."
By the way, I read where this version of Daniel was included in the first editions of the KJV.
I see two themes: if God wants to use you, He will, but do't quit your day job.
Doesn't Habbukuk sound like a chicken? Cluck, cluck, habbukuk, cluck, cluck ...
Hab's is the coolest! many a times i'm sitting at my desk with my hands on the keys waiting for inspiration... kinda like Hab's on the wall, waiting for God to show up.

sometimes, i go read blogs and find that God speaks through them.. like now! i better quit procrastinating and finish this church history paper! eek!
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