Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Arlen Specter, Democrat

Specter to run as Dem in 2010.

He just THINKS he's seen the meanness of the Repubican Party.


Let the feeding frenzy begin. I believe I hear the shark cage gate opening now over in the right-wing wackaloon corner of the universe. Specter changing parties almost makes me want to watch Faux News just to see the blood in the water.
Yeah, but the Democrats can reap this whirlwind, as far as I'm concerned. I'm STILL pissed about the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill hearings. Specter and Hatch deserve no quarter for their treatment of Ms. Hill.

Of course, the Democrats are already saying they'll reward Specter with a pass on the primaries next year. Just great.

I know that politics ain't beanbag, and you have to take your victories where you can, but the only reason this guy switched is he knew he'd lose in a primary to the wingnut waiting in the wings, which would have handed the seat to an even more liberal Democrat in the general election. In other words, he did it to save his job.
Who's gonna notice?

Specter's been tripping the light fantastic all over the aisles for years, he was a opportunistic "Kennedy Democrat" when he started. (I guess he meant Teddy.) And, as Geoffrey posted over at his place, it's all a bunch of rich, white men.

Bring on Frankin, and send the Elephants home, so the Dems can get on with their cannibalism.
Ah yes Anita Hill.

Specter wants to win in 08, then he will have to buy his election with votes with the Dems.

If the elephants go home on what will the Dems feed.

The Ultra Right wants control of the party no matter how small it is.
Who knew Obama's idea of bipartisanship was "recruitment"?

1) After a decade of seeing Specter's face in the crosshairs (literally)on right-wing sites accross the internet, one wonders why this didn't happen earlier.

2) It was not that long ago that Arlan Specter was at the center of the Republican party. It is weird to see him just to right of center in the Dems now.

3) once again, the Republicans purge a member simply because he agrees with Democrats on what issues they should be arguing about, and the rubric of information and logic that should be used to fight about them...not because he agrees with the Dems on the issues themselves.
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