Sunday, April 05, 2009


2 Peter 3: 9?

Read "One man's ambivalent retreat from his racist past," by Helen O'Neill, Associated Press.

I see the stirrings of repentance. What do you see?


It might be too little too late, but it's all he's got and he's giving it, and that's not nothing.
I'll admit feeling conflicted. The story suggests he is doing this not for the victims of his violent outbursts, but for himself. Yet, what other motivations might there be? At least he is honest enough to admit that much.

On the other hand, there are far too few stories like this. We did not hear such remorse from the murderer of Medgar Evers. We do not hear of remorse from the murderer of Martin Luther King. We do not hear of remorse from the murders of hundreds of semi-anonymous victims of lynchings throughout the South.

Like Teresa says, he is doing what he can with what he has, and that's not nothing.
None of us can undo all the damage we do.

But I would not call repentance heroism. Humanism, poignant humanism, but not heroism.

We have set low standards in our "survivor" nation.
This reminds me ...

"Do not confuse Repentance with Disgust: for the one comes from the Landlord and the other from the Enemy. And yet disgust has saved many a man from worse evils."

--The Guide, from "The Pilgrim's Regress," by C.S. Lewis
It is never too late.
I agree. Skin of the teeth and all.
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