Thursday, March 12, 2009


Redneck Bank -- 'where bankin's funner'!

Yep, it's a real bank, (with sound) the online bankin' set-up of the Bank of the Wichitas, headquarted in Snyder, with branches in Elgin, Medicine park and Cache, all in southwest Oklahoma.

Of course, Ah love it! And, some of the best innerst for a checkin' account offered anywheres!


Race-based marketing from a myopic hinterland where Palin gets 100% support.

That's enough to absolutize my lenten plan, again.

[hmm... now, where did I put that plan?]
Do you only get a car loan if the vehicle is going to sit on cinder blocks in the front yard?
well, TARNATION! i pert near buried my cash in a mason jar in the backyard. ;-)
A long forgotten wind is starting to blow.
Well Hell, If the ethinic communities can have their own banks why not the Redneck communities?

GKS: "Do you only get a car loan if the vehicle is going to sit on cinder blocks in the front yard?"

No, but it has to be made by an American company , be over ten years old, cost less than a $1000 and burn oil.

Home loans are similar. The house has to be less than 640 square feet with grass 9 inches or higher and can not have been paint for more than 12 years.

Tractor loans for up to $250,000 can be had on your signature (or X) alone however.

Anonymous said...
"A long forgotten wind is starting to blow."

Buy some Beano, it works good.
Hee hee, drlobojo. I was thinking the same thing - as long as no one cuts that wind we'll be all right.

I stand corrected on the terms and limits of loans. Would a still be eligible for a small business loan?
Home improvement loans available for installation of billy-ard tables (with pot passers) in the fancy eatin' room!
Who can argue with a business model intent on providing low-interest community investment loans, micro-lending to small entrepreneurs, checking accounts, all for communities under-served and under-valued by the big boys, whether in Harlem, East St. Louis, or rural Southwest Oklahoma?

Not me.

Who can justify marketing such well-intentioned financial institutions as Sambo Savings & Loan, Coolie Credit Union, Redneck Bank?

And how does one do so?


In the end, ER's defense of "Redneckery" is not really a defense of suppressed or latent racist legacies.

It is a defense of the socio-economic legacy of a particular historical epoch of the white experience in America. The baby boom children who were among the first of their families to go to college, to end up in professions, to benefit from the post-WWII boom of a superpower.

The problem is that white folks have not developed a language, or symbols, of racial pride that do not have contained within a racist birth or motivation or connotation. Who is the white protestant American middle class as a class without subconscious comparison to blacks? "My parents may have been poor/I may be poor but at least I'm not black."

We have not put in that kind of work and are anxious about doing so.

Can you keep your powder dry until tomorrow? Until day before yesterday, I never, ever, heard anything about "redneck" being racist. Not ever. My mind boggles.

I invite you to fill me in. Tomorrow. On a separate post.

Genuine request.
Well, wait until after midnight Central, anyway.

(Why? Because I prefer to post one blog a day, and I'd already decided to open the gates wide for what I hope is a rowsing and useful discussion of something I had never even heard of.
Sure. Please notice, though, that I'm acknowledging reasons that one may legitimately have pride in being a redneck.
Noted. :-)
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