Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Meet Toothface and The3rdDegree

Now that Blogrolling is bakc up and running, and I've added these guys, welcome ...

Toothface, by Luke, who I met at De-Conversion.


The3rdDegree, by, well, by The3rdDegree, who I knew in the RW before he moved to Chicago.

Luke is a seminarian, and The3rdDegree has an M.Div and an M.A. and is a social worker.

It's gettin' to where you can't sling a cat (disputed) around here without hittin' a seminarian or an ex-seminarian! :-)

Welcome, y'all!


"The common phrase, "not enough room to swing a cat," is often claimed to refer to a cat o' nine tails, yet there are examples of usage predating the known use of the cat o' nine tails (i.e. before 1695) and the phrase more likely refers to the practice of putting a live cat in a leather bottle and setting it swinging as a target for marksmen. For example, Shakespeare, in Much Ado About Nothing, writes: "Hang me in a bottle like a cat, and shoot at me."
Yep. That's why I noted it was disputed!
BTW, I keep wanting to do lunch, but either I don't have any carryin' around money (this week), or Mr. Phentermine and I are buddying around (last week and next week). Grrr.
woot! thanks for the shout out! glad to have found a fellow progressive, postmodern, FUN!, and fellow UCCer.

good times.

and i'm thinking about not reading DeCon anymore.. just the flip side of the fundie coin with no room for nuance, mystery, or understanding of a both/and mindset.. too either/or. your thoughts amigo?
Agree, generally. I only drop in over there once in awhile, usually after havin' been whupped upside the head by honest fundies. It's a different kind of whuppin' the DeCons administer -- but, as you not, for most of them, just as damned unbending and fundamentalist. Man really IS the measure of all things over yonder!
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