Friday, March 20, 2009


'Information Age Prayer'

Information Age Prayer is a subscription service utilizing a computer with text-to-speech capability to incant your prayers each day. It gives you the satisfaction of knowing that your prayers will always be said even if you wake up late, or forget.
Promotional Rates for New Users, Limited Time Only!
Protestant Prayer Bundle -- Save money by subscribing to the discounted package deal. This special Protestant Prayer Bundle includes The Lords Prayer, The Morning Prayer, 5 Get Well Prayers and a Prayer for Peace.
The morning prayer is meant to be said each morning. A nice, short prayer, it has all the basic essentials important in a daily prayer. Subscribe to tell God that you think of him each morning!...

That last one cracks me up: "Subscribe to tell God what you think of him each morning!" LOL!

Check out: Information Age Prayer!


The fear of change is turning christians (stripped of all the spiritual learning of the middle ages) toward a theology based in witchcraft.
I think it's an aesthetic thing - computers just aren't as sublime as water or wind powered prayer wheels, which represent about the same thing. If you're going to have a digital rather than analog God, you might as well go one of the starker versions of Islam - all God, no stories.

Of course there's also the moneychanger-in-the-temple aspect to this subscription service.
TStockmann beat me to it. I was just thinking this is an ugly version of prayer wheels.
TStockmann, They actually offer Islamic prayers as well.
Is God compatible with Macs or PCs?
Mac of course. It all started with the Apple fitting that it would be the preferred PC.

Actually the forbidden fruit was most likely a fig.
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