Thursday, March 26, 2009


Dang cat didn't write a headline, so here

Eh! Ehh!! My daddy iz reeding dis buk by Edgur Ailin Poe andz it haz a terribel story "The Black Cat" whre a kitteh iz kilded so I iz put mysef in this scawy pitcher to scar my daddy when he sings on his 'puter todays!

Bad Daddy!


That darn cat!
Fetch the Dickell's, he's gone loco!

16 Days!? Oh, sweet Jesus.

Okay, put thirty pounds of ice in the tub, cover with water, soak two king sized sheets and then wrap him up tight and good in 'em.

Ensure through a straw.

New man, twenty pounds lighter come Easter.

And turn the pages on that Frei book so's he can read.

Kant's next.
You need sleep.
Eh! Daddy *has* been acting funny! He hasn't been behind the big wooden thing with all the bottles and glasses for a long time! Ehh! Ehh! I hope he's all right!
Ice-T, that isn't scary. I know that, as a cat, you can do better.
Who knows what evil lurks in the bowels of kitties? Ice-T knows!
Geoffrey! Eh! Ehh!!! Mrowr! Fft! Fft! Ssssss!

Alan: Prr. Feed me!
These are things that all cats know. It is not in their bowels they know but in their dreams.

"When all of a Monarch's subjects must have down cast eyes, only the cat may look at a King."
---William Sandia
A Cat was looking at a King as permitted by the proverb.
"Well," said the monarch, observing her inspection of the royal person, "how do you like me?"
"I can imagine a King," said the Cat,
"whom I should like better."
"For example?"
"The King of Mice."

---Ambrose Bierce
"Dream presents her with a vision of an alternate reality where cats are huge and humans are merely their playthings, tiny servants which groom their bodies and which the cats can kill at their pleasure."
--A Dream Of A Thousand Cats
Eh! I like, as much as is possible for me, the one called DrLoboJo. He seems almost as smart as my daddy! Ehh!
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