Sunday, February 22, 2009


Why the United Church of Christ

Short take:


Where I'm attending today: Plymouth United Church (UCC), Spring, Texas.

Happy day, y'all!


Both of those videos manage to pack in a lot into very little time. The UCC has really started to get good at marketing through TV and the Internet in the past few years. (Not sure if these moves will be enough to stem the decline of membership in the mainline Protestant churches, however.) In typical UCC fashion, it is striking how much emphasis the longer video places on social justice as opposed to explicit theology. Jesus just got a mention. Many viewers will walk away wondering what those UCC folks actually believe about the nature of God.

I'm a former UCCer. In fact, I pursued UCC ordination. But I couldn't quite figure out how to make Christian theology work for me. Now I'm part of a Unitarian Universalist congregation. Your post inspired me to post the UUA's marketing videos. Check them out at my blog. Comments welcome.
I'd say thast what people believe about ehe nature of God is a secondary concern to what it means to be part of the UCC. ... BTW, I'd link to yer place if Blogroll would get its act together!
"...what people believe about the nature of God is a secondary concern to what it means to be part of the UCC..." This attitude of openness is the overlap between the UCC and Unitarian Universalism. The UUs take it a step further, though, to include folks who identify as agnostic and atheist.
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