Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Uh oh

It's Feodor's fault. Hee hee. :-)


Hey! Is this some kind of obscure intervention?

It's not like you don't have competition. Over at HuffPost there is video of Salma Hayek is nursing an African baby.

Fine. You'll miss me when I'm gone. Just like Shane.
Just funnin'. Don't you dare run off.
I may start wishin'
that tornado'd
taken a sniffin'
at your man cave.
Har har. It's a doggie sick room right now. Riker, the corgi, is on his last two legs. :-(
Where did Riker get his name? We have an island that belongs to him.
Dr. ER named him for Will Riker, on ST:NG. :-)
Speaking of, yesterday's 'naders cost me a planned cigar in the man room. I am off to catch up.
And you let her do that?

My wife keeps mooning over Obama.

Speaking of your remarkable prescience, I am, in fact, out of touch from tomorrow until next Tues.

Try not to weep.
I'm still stuck on the whole Salma Hayek thing . . .
Hey, Riker is my stepdog. The name cam with him, and her. :-)
The Salma Hayek scene reminds me of the end of Steinbeck's book 'The Grapes of Wrath'. At the end of the book Rose of Sharon, a migrant Okie teenage girl whoes baby has died, breast feeds a man who is starving to death.

It has lots of meaning.
Salma Hayek was all over the news this morning. The folks in the various public health agencies that promote breastfeeding are probably doing cartwheels over all the positive free publicity.
Re, "migrant Okie teenage girl whose baby has died, breast feeds a man who is starving to death."

I remember gasping when I read those words of Steinbeck's, and that image is forever burned into my soul.
Have you seen the video of Hayek's nursing the African baby? She talks about the immediate change in demeanor of the child, whose mother did not have enough milk for him.

When I saw it last week the Steinbeck scene immediately came to mind and I got tears in my eyes.
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