Saturday, February 14, 2009


Off to be fleeced!

Maybe not. Wish us luck at Riverwind Casino! Dr. ER's idea. Srsly. She luvs the slots. I think I'm gonna try out my rusty blackjack "skills."


Not fleeced! Pay our way, plus some! Fine time.
I neve understood the appeal of Casinos.

Nothing morally opposed to them or anything. I went once, put $15 (which the casino gave me) through the quarter slots...walked out with $45.

Bought $30 worth of drinks.

It was OK. My best friend lost her $15 at the Blackjack table using he ex-husbands "no fail" technique. :-)
I've only been to a casino once. Our friends took us to one of the Windsor casinos for part of our bachelor party extravaganza.

I played blackjack for exactly 6 minutes (and that was with the dealer actually helping me) until I lost the $20 I had set aside for gambling for the evening. I think that's still my record for the quickest $20 I've ever spent.
Oh, I set a new personal fast gambling record: $100 bill in a $5 slot machine; betting $15 per spin. Less than 30 seconds, I think.
I once won $50 on a nickle machine at the Army base in Ethiopia ( yes a return of 1000/1). Rule was if you won more than $5 you had to spend the money on drinks for all that were there. Even with everybody drinking, at 20 cents a beer and a quarter per shot, that took a while.

That was 40+ years ago and was my last gambling foray.
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