Tuesday, February 24, 2009


(Marbled) Fat Tuesday

Tonight it's martinis and a ribeye or sirloin, some kind of tater and side, and a cream pie of some sort.

Tomorrow, it's back to the regular routine of eating right more often than not, which means lots of low-fat Subway sandwiches, and hitting the treadmill three or four times a week -- with a special Lenten twist:

No Dickel. No martinis. No wine. No alcohol!

Recall, y'all, the carnage of Easter 2006 after I went 40 days with no beef. Assuming I stick to this year's Lenten pledge, I promise not to wake up in a gutter Monday morning after Easter this year!

Your own Lenten sacrifice, please.


I'm giving up abstaining from things, moderation, and probably eating bugs. The last one, I admit, is a gimme since I don't really eat bugs anyway. But it should keep me from picking up the habit in the next 40 days or so.
I'd try to give up going to fundy blogs, but that mifght be harder than givin' up drinkin'. We'll see.
I've found that giving up the former pretty much guarantees you don't need the latter quite so much. :)
Yikes. ... Well, if you do, and then decide to come back, y'all come back here, y'hear? I need all the help I can get.
Don't think I don't hear the doubt in your voice. I've become addicted.

But of course I'll come back. You're part of the whole Easter Egg thing of life.
Suuure. The yolk's on me!

I'm with Alan - abstaining from abstention. Since the only thing I do in moderation is sleep, I refuse to surrender that, because it would mean either not sleeping or doing nothing but sleep. My wife suggested caffeine, and I wanted to scream.

Pancakes tonight for Shrove Tuesday.
And rereading Kant!

The Future's coming because he already fingered it.

(Making my confession tomorrow.)
Well, I guess I can claim fat Tuesday as my reason for the cake supper and hot fudge sundae dessert. But since I don't do Lent or religion, does that mean I should absorb some of those things y'all are giving up?

I'm willing to start with martinis.
Jesus, is it Lent again already? I gave up the liturgical calender for Lent, and so I didn't know when it ended...that was years ago.

I'd give up apathy and cussing but I just can't seem to give a shite....lol
Teresa and Ronholio, y'all r funnee. (rolling eye). :-)
Heck, I just give up.
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