Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Indication that it's an indulgence ...

People giving up blogging, or Facebook, or whatever they're online fixation is, for Lent. Wow! Not me, obviously. :-)


Does that mean fewer rss feeds for a bit? Ahhhhh, maybe I might could get behind this religion thing after all.....(she said selfishly).
Yer a hooter!
I dunno. That would mean giving up on friends, if only for a short time. Who'd want to do that?
Good point. ... People foe whom online peeps are something less than friends, I reckon. ??
I object. My spiritual discipline is for me not about you - and I think you support it, having told me a few times to go read a book. It was even a post.

(but I wasn't here)
Speaking of which, The Stillborn God, Mark Lilla, pp. 1-54 all about the tussle in which you've spent you day.

And the whole thing is about the inherent - sometimes creative - tensions within both me and my friend, ER.

(gone gone gone gone gone gone gone)
LOL. Points taken, mystery brother. :-)
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