Friday, February 06, 2009


I am a man. I love cat dancing.

OK, OK, it's called Booboo Dancin' -- when I get up and stumble to fix coffee, and I swoop in and pick up Ice-T and "dance" him with me into the kitchen. Dr. ER calls it Booboo Dancin' -- 'cause I'm dancin' in my booboos.

And, at least once recently, I did two-step the critter around the house, while fully clothed, for the sheer fun of it.

So, while somehow I missed this movie all these years, I will not rest until I see it! LOL

Happy Friday, y'all!


Now I know the real reason you declawed those critters.
Gee. It's a good thing you're not a cat person.
Yeah, let me echo Alan's point. Seriously, dude, if you were a cat person, who knows what would happen.
In defense of ER, cat people do not declaw.
You cat dance? I'm crushin' on you even more now!

(In a sisterly way, of course. No disrespect to the Dr. E.R.)
See this is where the written word just does not compete with video. I want to SEE the video of you cat dancing. Can you get Dr. ER to do the videography?
Greg: "Hell, yeah," Dr. ER says. "But you got to wear your booboos."

Ah ... prolly not.

Ice-T would be embarrassed to be seen dancin' with a noncatperson! :-)
Lisa: Ice-T says, "Rowr!" ;-)
3rd :"I want to SEE the video of you cat dancing"

No, no you don't. You are not old enough. I'm 64 and I'm too young myself!
Rudy--I had me this polydactyl cat come up and I tooker in. She had 7 claws on the front legs & 6 on the hinds. She wuz steadily catching wood rats & swamp rabbits bout big as her...a natural born killer. But I got this truck and when I's started parkin under the carport, she didn't like it, so ever night she'd get on the hood & vomit. So, I gives her to somebody bout 10 miles away...came back, twice. And kepta on regurgalizing my truck hood. Yall dont hate on me, but I ended up havin to giver back to God...but I figures when she starts pukin on His stuff, he's probably gonna send her back...but she'll probably just make her way back to His place.

If not for the certain beat downs I'da got from the locals, I mighta danced with'r...btw, does the cat lead?
By the way, the movie isn't that good.
"Rudy--I had me this polydactyl cat come up and I tooker in. She had 7 claws on the front legs & 6 on the hinds."

Sounds Hemingwayish.
Kinda what I's thinkin'.
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