Thursday, February 05, 2009


Gee! Om! ... I try!

I dreamed last night that I was seriously pondering whether points, lines and planes exist in nature or are human constructs; whether they have mass; and wondering, since it takes points to make a line, what do you get when two planes abut?

A Subway turkey and provolone sandwich with oil and vinegar did that, I guess.


Lines, planes, squares, cubes, and yes even points exist in nature. As Solomon said there is nothing new under the Sun. Does it take points to make all lines? Do they have mass, only the catholic ones. What do you get when two planes abut? A crash?

Next time add garlic and green olives to the sandwich and you can delve into Kline bottles and mobius strips.

I used to lie awake in the mornings as a young man and work out the geometric theorems of the way the power and telephone lines intersected outside my window. These days I try not to even wake up in the mornings.
I didn't realize Subway used psychoactive condiments in your neck of the woods. I heop you're lying down now.
You wouldn't believe the chemical composition of those little yellow peppers they use.
What's for supper tonight?
Shoot man, you oughta try eatin about 2 pounds of potted meat dumplins 'fore you go t'bed...not much dreamin, but it can give you sleep-crapnia.
Tonigt oughta be another adventure: a good dose of Elijah Craig and cigar for an appetizer, then a salisbury steak and mac-and-cheese low-cal frozen dinner, half of a leftover turkey-and-provolone Subway samwich, a bunch of them little rice cakes, a can of Progresso low-cal veggie-and-rice soup, a and glass of milk and three Snackwell creme cookies. A little over 1,200 calories on the day, I think, maybe a tad more'n that courtesy of Mr. Craig.

(I try not to eat potted meat after about 3 p.m., 'cause it gives me heartburn.)
Rice cakes?! Why not just chow down on styrofoam and be done with it?
Turns out that that particular combination of vittles produces no recallabl;e dreams whatsoever.

Nan; the little Quaker rice cakes in the bag (cheddar, ranch, even carmel-corn type) are purdy good.
You know, 500 calories of rice cakes equals 500 calories of choclate chip cookie dough ice cream.
Unless you've read "Flatland" in the past couple of weeks, I would blame the sandwich.

Not all calories are created equal. :-)
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