Wednesday, February 18, 2009


ER keeps slippin' ... slippin' ... slippin' ...

... into the future.

Man! Time is flyin' by so fast. Dang near forgot to blog two days in a row.

It is a supreme irony that when the economy slows down, business news speeds up. I've been busier'n a one-legged man in an ass-kickin' contest.

One observation on the week: The huge-mongous stimulus bill President Obama signed yesterday? He was signing the Republican Party's do-not-resuscitate order.


You betcha. The worse it gets here, the more there is to write. This depression may kill me!
Several Republican Governors are suggesting they may not take stimulus money for their states. I hope they don't.
GOPDNR, looks good to me.
The Pork-ulus package is not about Democrats winning/Republicans losing...everybody loses.

And now there are talks about another pork-ulus bill. Heaven help us.
Ya don't know pork from Shinola. And, we do need another bill, for about just as much. Maybe more than that. And I ain't bullshittin.' For good or ill, this economy runs on spending -- not on manufacturing, not on mining and ag, not on anything but pure-dee spending. And if everyday people, and everyday businesses, can't or won't spend, then the federal government must. It's called pump priming -- although in this case, it's more like drilling another well entirely and starting over. So be it.
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