Monday, February 16, 2009


Don't *make* me -- ME! -- side with PETA!

Sick sons of bitches. (Not for those with a weak stomach: Bad people do bad things to a kitty.)

Hey, if the few of us in Oklahoma who aren't homophobic, right-wing, inbred, child-abusing, animal-torturing, Bible-quoting-but-ignoring, chauvinistic, anti-worker, anti-democratic, racist ASSHOLES can make it to the top of the State Capitol, will somebody send in a chopper to airlift us the hell out of here?


That behavior is a symptom of budding sociopathy.
I know. Scary.
That link should have a "do not read if you have a weak stomach" warning on it.

Makes. me. sick.
Sorry, and me, too.
Those boys ain't right.
No need to side with PETA, ER. You're just siding with the rest of the human race. Or at least, I hope.

Drlobo is spot on with this analysis. Except that the sociopathy is likely well ensconced, not just budding. Sadly, there is probably not much hope for these two.
What the heck is wrong with people? And what's the obsession with torturing cats?

I don't like cats. But the feeling is mutual. Cats just don't like me. Lord knows I've tried --- maybe I'm just too dumb for them. They recognize my lack of intelligence.

That being said, it would make me sick to my stomach to watch someone torture any animal. I think that's a sign of someone who ain't right in the head.

The worst I've ever done is spray a cat with water because the little SOB tried to claw/bite me while I fed him. :)
Oh an dER, just because you accept the truth of something doesn't mean you have to agree with PETA...I mean, if PETA issued a press release saying the sky was blue, you wouldnt have to say it was green, would you? :-)

Just because some of the actions that PETA defines as sick and evil happen to actually be sick and evil, doesn't mean you agree with just means a broken clock is right twice a day. :-)
Good point, Teresa.

LOL. The word verification is "polita." Why does Monica Lewisnski come to mind? Ar ar!
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