Sunday, February 08, 2009


Dang it, I've let this place get way too dang erudite and not nearly enough redneck! And last night bein' NASCAR Advent and all ... well, shee-it!

I saw Willie Nelson sing the way God meant him to be seen, back in '97 or so: He was on a little stage at a run-of-the-mill dancehall in Wichita Falls, Texas.

I was sittin' on a piece of particle board put down on the top of a pool table, and Dr. ER was standin', leanin' up against me between my legs, while she pretended to sip a coldbeer and I was most debnitly and genuinely tossin' back shots of Jack and chuggin' said coldbeers plural.

GodDANG it, I need me a honky tonk sometimes.

Woo hoo! Kevin Harvick won the Bud Shootout, and him bein' my man ever since Dale Earnhardt went to be with Jesus, that is one hell of a good start to the season.


Tony Stewart may'a left Home Depot,
but he'ya be "floorin" it to a cup this year...get it?--"floorin"... yeah, I know... that sucked... been off my game cuz'a the about it over at my place...cant even think right now how to make a, go or dont
Not a NASCAR fan (no offense to those who are), but the song was awesome. Truly. Seeing Willie Nelson in a honky-tonk makes me jealous.
Jealous? I be green with it.
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