Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Chuck E. Cheese dies in Oklahoma tornado

Enter the February 10, 2009, outbreak into the record.

The tragedy of Mr. Cheese.

On a personal note: This was the closest one yet, with homes whacked within 1 mile to the northwest of the ER place.


I feel for those who lost homes and loved ones. My heart jumped to my throat when I heard where the tornadoes touched down. I'm glad you're in one piece!
I'm also glad that you were not hit! Hopefully, your community will be able to get those who were back on their feet again. I wish them all a speedy recovery.

Are there any local organizations that will help them out? Do you have links?
Thanks, Frenzied. Very nice to hear from you. Peace.

Teresa, the worst human damage was in Lone Grove, a town of about 4,500 about 100 miles south of OKC. No deaths, and few injuries in the OKC metro.

The single best source for general information is and

The Central Oklahoma Red Cross is always the go-to for post-tornado help:
Glad you're safe and sorry about the loss of life.

Not broken up over about CEC, though, (assuming the casualties weren't from there) which in my rare moralizing moments seems a gateway casino - and unpleasant to boot.
Thanks. My own experiences with young Cheese are limited, and were more than a decade ago. I recall the place being almost unbearable, but the young'un who got me in the place loved it. Which is the point. And the hook.
That's scary. Glad you're safe!
Thise poor people in Lone Grove.
That sure was a classic wall cloud.
I really had to resist the itch to go after it. But then Channel 5, broadcasting on the PBR channels talked about baseball size hail in the cloud just behind it so I just watched as long as I dared and then took my new little red truck home.

When I watch those frieght train storms roll in from the SW and then slip around the SE or NW of the city core my belief in the heat-island effect is much re-inforced.

Shall we ask Inhofe to explain this one to us?
Very glad you and DrER are safe.

Your deadly low front is about to be our very windblown Thursday, racing through the canyons of the city like the sad end of what was a funeral train.

Oklahoma dust and debris has been falling on the country between there and soon-to-be here.

American Descent crowd sees natural disasters as possible judgments of God.

Could be that the intuited sense of a vast connection, a cosmically real brotherhood and sisterhood brings the pain of the world too near, too close. The object of compassion is transferred with the pitched commitment of the defensive to the innocent victims of abortion. They are pure enough to catch the anger at the vile works of the world and God.
Heard about Lone Grove on the news this AM on way home from work, and thought of you and yours. Glad you are OK, prayers for folks injured, etc., but like TStockman, have to admit am glad one fewer cardboard pizza place is out of business (it's been two decades since I entered one; took my now grown niece and nephew there), as long as they had insurance.

We have rain right now, could it be from the same front? Who knows.

God's judgment? Piffle.
Alas Chuck is not quite gone. Drove by today and the cranes were holding up the roof while they worked on the walls. Chuck will live!
I'm glad you are OK. I have a friend who lost his trampoline it was so close to his house.
Thanks, Timothy.
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