Thursday, January 01, 2009


You say you want a resolution?

Why bother?


The guys has balls, ya gotta admit.
I did a small commentary on this about a year ago...
Maybe he's a Witless?
Don't get the referance, sorry...
He claims to be a Witness. I think he's witless. That's all. :-)

sorry. slow. sleepless fun all night with a house full of people playing board games and card games and plying Rock band and Karoke revolution.
Today I saw a bumpersticker that said, "Republicans for Voldemort."

Knowing the reference from my daughter, I was surprised that Harry Potter would be used negatively in this way. (Frodo Lives! was such a positive-ended notion).

But I do understand why the connection was made. What is it in the soul that thrills, quietly, to destructiveness. It comes out in all religious stories, myths, legends.

End times or unregulated capitalism. Just opposite ends on the spectrum of selfishness. The first in fear and anxiety for the self, the second in avarice for the self.

It is why conservative religion diminishes over time and conservative politics fades away with its members.

It leaves too many people out.
From your daughter??? Dude. You have to read the books! ... Dr. ER and I have read them all, and seen the movies.
Repeat of my comment over at Geoffrey's place:

You know, even when I was still one of the (Hal Lindsey) tribe, I was never real keen on the End being anytime soon. That was because I sort like life, ya know?

Now, 25 years forward, I'm still not in any dang hurry! Now, because, well, I still sort of like life, which is the original Holy Act of Grace for all of us: We are, like He Is. And, I Am On Purpose (although I only see through a dark glass what that might specifically be, it's pretty clear that I'm here in general for Micah 6:8 type purposes and to Love God, Self, Others, Etc.

And, nowadays, I see those who *are* in such a dang hurry for the End as 1., ungrateful, and 2., guilty of something like dereliction of duty.
I've always found it slightly unsetteling when I meet people who look forward with joy and anticipation to an event that they believe will result in them having to slaughter most of humanity.

for my own part, i was taught that i was doomed to be one of those slaughtered (not being saved, though believeing)
The "End of Days" or my end of days, ain't it all the same? It will be for me, and has been for lo those many million believers of the rapture etc. who have gone on before. Of course there is the actually resurrection of the actually body which means of course that Christian's who were former Cannibals will have a slight problem. I ask a Mormon friend about that once. He said he didn't believe that, but didn't know how exactly it would work. My Baptist brother-in-law however says it is literally true and that the very brick of the buildings that have clay in them from bodies will fly apart on the day of resurrection.
I prefer the whole seed-dying-so-a-new-tree-can-grow idea.

Resurrection doesn't mean reconstitution and restoration.

It means a "new body" -- whatever that means -- and "glorification" -- whatever that means.

Visible to the naked eye, though -- or maybe just to the spiritually enlightened eye? Paul says.

But who gnosis? :-)

I just skimmed this, but it has lots of my thinking in it, and the scripture references:
I'm with you, ER, I'm willing to wait on the whole end of the world thing, because there's plenty of good stuff here right now.

To quote the lyrics of a song from "Scrooge", my favorite version of a Christmas Carol, (a musical version, natch)

I like life
Life likes me
Life and I fairly fully agree

My daughter has me reading the "Ink" series by Cornelia Funke right now.
OK. As long as she's got you reading something. :-)

I am embarrassed to admit I had to look up Funk and Ink. (My Bird is 22 and fully fledged now; with no kiddo in the house, my tween and yoot pop culture connections have waned.)

The Inks sound fun.
There's also a movie coming out.

Always something to spend cash on in the children's industry.
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