Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today is the day We, the People, have made

Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

G'Obama! G'Obama!


Rick Warren rocked.
Now it begins.
It will get much much worse before it gets better, but it will get better. We have a leader. At long last we have a leader. If you won't follow, get out of the way.
If you obstruct the way, you will be tread under foot. We have no choice. We can not stop or turn back.
I never thought I would ever hear such ideas from the mouth of a president.

Our long national nightmare is over?

(Loved Rev. Lowery's benediction, BTW.)
Me, too. And, of course, EL has already besmirched the benediction!!

Pray for me to quit soiling myself by going to that side of the Ignurntnet! :-) LOL
Of course he has.

So EL and others have a problem with the prayers given by the gay guy and the black guy, but not the one given by the white guy.

Color me surprised.

I didn't even have to go over to the fundi-net to predict that, did you?
Racists in denial. Bigots in defiance.
Well at least, in this era of change, some things are consistent. lol

It's too bad they were so busy with their small and petty fisking of people's prayers to actually heed their words. But then, I think prayer, for them, is not a way that we listen and talk to God, but is simply a forum by which we boast to others how goddy we are.
The very ground beneath our feet has moved. Hope has returned to our hearts. We can see a future that has promise. I feels good don't it?

There are those that don't get it. There are those who will insist on their discredited ways. There are those who meanness will rise to oppose this. If they cannot be dissuaded, they still need to be forgiven. If they persist, their misery will be from their own gall that they have swallowed.

May God help America to be a blessing!
Big day. Have to pinch myself, is it real? Bush gone, Obama in. Real work to be done, to be sure.

I wonder when the "Obama backwards counting Clock" or whatever equivalent will be up and running on conservative blogs. They aren't original, just bitter . . .
The bitterness is probably understandable. They are in the position we were in for eight years while we watched everything we valued about our country being systematically dismantalled and rolled backward rather than moving forward.

the things they think are good are on the chopping block; millitarism, the plutocratic theocracy they were hoping for, the layer after layer of policy that rewarded investment at the expense of work, management at the expense of labor, accumulated wealth at the expense of productivity...

...it won't be gone overnight, but we will get there, and I bet it stings.

I'm willing to be a little sympathetic. :-)
You poor small minded people. On a day like today you're still bitter and bitch and gripe. I pray for your souls.
Whose bitter and bitching and griping?
Think we have a difference of opinion regarding Rick Warren. Other than that, an amazing day.
Anonymous, keep your pathetic false concern away from my soul.

Nan: The Rev. Warren and I have some irreconcilable differences. But I thought -- and Dr. ER thought -- his prayer today was great.
Warren was OK. Lowery was incredible. Obama was the blessing we have awaited for the country.

BTW, my word verification is

Anonimouse said:"You poor small minded people. On a day like today you're still bitter and bitch and gripe. I pray for your souls."

Please don not pray for me.
I do not want them.
I'll take your curses, they are clean and genuine and may have value when exchange for karma. Keep your prayers. I don't want God to associate me with prayers from that quarter.
You people never have a good day. Think about that for just a moment. What's that tell you about your lives.
Gibberish. Make sense or make yourself absent.
Never had a good day?

I've had many great days, and yesterday was high up on the list, Mr/Ms Anonymous.

Thanks for your obviously heartfelt and sincere concern, though. Your kind words make it so apparent how much you care. ;)
Anonymous, I thought it was pretty clear that yesterday was, for most Americans, an awesome day. Today is even better, and the days will continue to be well and good.

We have a President who doesn't embarrass us. Even if I don't always agree with everything he does or plans, I have no fear he will look like a stuttering, stumbling doofus.
I can't wait to see what's next.
Focus on the Family is having an apoplectic fit. That's enough for me right now.
I can not seem to repent at my glee that my angst has been transfered.
Some of these rightward ones will be gone within a year. They'll fit themselves so far out of releance they'll become caricatures of the caricatures they already are. And the money is drying up fast, at a timre when money is getting scarce in general.
from your keyboard to God's computer screen, ER.
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