Monday, January 19, 2009


Republican cats

'Cause their eyes aren't opened. Get it? Get it? :-)

Srsly, Ice-T, left and Eames are both Obama-lovin' hope-filled, unabashedly liberal Democats for Jesus.


Ahhh, cute.
Two black cats?
Are they feline "familiars" for you and Dr. ER?
Dr. ER reported the other day that she and Ice-T both saw "something" in our bedroom.
Ok, that is just terribly, terribly wrong. I may have to report you! =))
Wrong for me to besmitch my kitties' intellect by sayin' they're Republicats? My bad! :-)

And may I add: Redheads do, indeed, rule! Married one, raised one who's fixin' to marry one, and both of our critterdogs are redheads. I'm surrounded. :-)
Being surrounded by redheads is a sign of blessing. As a redhead, may I just say - your blessings overflow (my three sisters and brother and I are, or at least were before age and time took over, all ginger-blondes to full-blown redheads; we even had a golden retriever when I was in high school).
I forgot! ER's a cat person, ER's a cat person . . .
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