Saturday, January 24, 2009


Made me laugh *and* vomit a little


Boy you are a really class act.
Normally ridicule is an appropriate response to hubris and ignorance. But you see what happens when you let a criminal get away unpunished. His gang members just keep on keeping on.

For example not taking Nixon down was a big historical mistake. That failure led the punks of his administration and Ford's to think they could do what they wanted. Later as members Bush's gang they did just that.

I want to see George W. one more time. I want to see him under oath in the dock with that silly silly smirk permenantly wiped off his face.
No, this is not a time for reconciliation. Reconciliation requires two parties. They have shown they won't do it. This a time that requires the rule of law be enforced.

Ridicule is not enough.

Otherwise the Anon's and the Hanitys, and the OReillys, and the Limbaugh's will keep the venom pumping, and next time we will raise up a tyrant.

Prosecute them all under the law and with scrutiny for their rights.
Prosecute them all, or live in a future tyranny without the rule of law.
Damn straight. Prosecute that son-of-a-bitch, and his highest-ups. In an American Court.

Even if I thought there were such things as "international law" and a viable "world court" -- and I do not -- that wouldn't do.

This country effed itself, and much of the world, by electing an outlaw and his gang, twice, and this country, with its own judicial and political systems, needs to do its own justice in repentance.

As the video says: BLEEP Bush.
Funny and far too true. Goodbye, good riddance, and, yeah, hope to see you in court.

The whole country feels cleaner now. You know?
I've never witnessed as much venom and bile as what is displayed by the favorites of this site. So many have been given over to spiritual blindness and depravity and have no conscience or clue as to their own inward faults. Insults and bragging does not equal intelligence.
Re, "I've never witnessed as much venom and bile as what is displayed by the favorites of this site."

LOL. Then you need to get out more.
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