Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Has the peacock grown a conscience?

NBC rejects some Super Bowl ads.

Conscience? Naaah. Bidness decisions, all.

(Can I say "peacock"?)


Business decision in an economic climate where responsibility and moderation have shot to the top of the values list.

A serendipitous outcome is that Obama's reformation of how politics are being done and communicated begins to look more than just change to competency and skill - it starts to take on an increasingly moral quality when compared to last eight years.

Obama plans to speak to the Muslim world from a Muslim capital? "America is not your enemy!" God, how easy to do and how strategic it is in taking the lure out of extremism.

Why couldn't we have done this six years ago? Because "the burdens of the office are overrated."
Six years ago the Administration thought that Muslims were the enemy of America.

The adds banned aren't really up to snuff anyway.
OK, I actually just now got to watch these spots, at home, and I got one thing to say:

WTH? They were risque, at most! Bordering on tasteless, one of 'em. But the beaver thing was just cute, IMHO.
"...the beaver thing was just cute"
Forth grade ER forth grade.
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If NBC can eliminate PETA, it's a good thing.

You know what the "beaver" signifies, do you not?
Uh, yeah. ... I just didn't find it offensive considering what's on NBC shows. Dr. ER is a "Friends" addict. Some of them are/were downright raunchy.
Friends, really?

(Hey, Marie Sandoz - what's the best one to start?)
Mari Sandoz. DrLobo probably knows her fiction. I like her history: "Crazy Horse: The Strange Man of the Oglalas."
Sandoz, History/Fiction ? Well she fictionalizes History in order to tell it. Kind of like Michener but she uses real people as characters. Crazy Horse would be a start, or Cheyenne Autumn.

Pure History of Sandoz: Old Jules.
I just looked up Sandoz as to what is supposedly fiction and non fiction. I surely would not assign most of her supposed non-fiction as a reading in a History class. I can't see much differences for example between Crazy Horse (non-fiction) and Story Catcher(fiction). I think Sandoz was a pioneer in a technique that we now accept as historical fiction. So because of the attitudes of the 40's and 50's, and because she wrote from the Indian perspective, and because ehs was from Nebraska, she has been discounted on the coasts.
Terrific, thank you both for great help.
Yer welcome.

I may have to look at "CRazy Horse" again. I recall it being creatively straightforward, but not fictionalized. ... But then I read, like, 50 books of Custerania in the sdpace of about six months; I might be confusing it with Ambrose's "Crazy Horse & Custer."
I'm with ER - what gives? I thought the beaver ad was kind of chuckle-worthy, not really "funny". I'm not sure running an ad for a website that is designed to aide and abet extramarital affairs is such a hot item, but at least this was a case where money did not talk and, funny enough, BS walked. Of course, all this means is that advertisers recognize a weak economy when they see it; it's hard to sell products when things are going from bad to very bad rather quickly, so ads would be a part of that whole "going" process.

Oh, and drlobojo, there's nothing wrong with fourth grade humor. Inside every grown man is a little boy who still enjoys a good fart joke.
"Inside every grown man is a little boy who still enjoys a good fart joke."

I would have to contend that the degree of "not yet" grown up would be directly proportional to the glee expressed at a fart joke. I would also contend that a "good fart joke" is oxymoronic unless you are a forth grader or drunk.

As for the PETA beaver commercial I think they are guilty of giving away the underlying psychological meaning of the beaver in the Rozerem ad thus probably getting the beaver, diver, and Abe banned.
I never put that together in the Rozerem ad. Wow, what a revelation of commercial dream analysis.
Yeah, the Beaver, juxtaposed with the guy with the tall long hat, gave quite a few of us the chuckles in the shrink community.

Gotta wonder if PETA was trying to get banned, or at least didn't care either way-- win,win-- and free pub on the cheap. If so, it's smart.

Network Standards? An oxymoron, to be sure.
I remember seeing, just once, a commercial for . . . something . . . that was using a University marching band to advertise its product. The company President or CEO or something came on and said, "You know, this ad is boring, so we're going to show this band attacked by a pack of rabid wolves." At this point, wolves rush the field, the band runs helter skelter even as people fall to the ravening jaws of the wolves. It was the funniest ad I have ever seen.

I just wish I could remember the product.
I believe it was, one of the earlier dot com-ers to try gonzo ads-- predecessors to GoDaddy, et al. I think they also did one of tattooing day schoolers.
And here it is for you to enjoy once more GKS:

But for my money the "Herding Cats" ad is the best ever.
LOL. I loved that cat spot even before I was a cat per-- ... before I even had a cat.
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