Saturday, January 03, 2009


Drastic weather requires drastic action

It's 75 fricking degrees! On Jan. 3! It's nuts.

I gotta grill steaks! Ribeyes comin' up!

Look! Beef porn!!!

What're y'all doin' this fine day?


Feilding phone calls from reletives as my hometown is buried under 12" of snow.

Farther north, where my parents lie, they have already had more than a foot of snow, and it is still falling...

mmmm...beef...rib eye is my favorite.
I want snow!
I'm looking at slabs of yummy beef... and fanning myself.
Hee hee.
I just NOW read a blog post from a friend who said it was 26 below zero outside. Luckily, they got their heater fixed right before they were to freeze to death!
I drove to the gym to work out was like skating with a car...snow over a thick glaze of ice. We had a bit of an ice storm first, then it froze and the snow started...very double plus ungood.
Rode our bikes through the winter sunshine to Greenwich for lunch, had some friends over for coffee and a catch-up in the afternoon (the first time they'd been to our new flat) and then headed back to Greenwich for dinner and a movie (Movie: Australia. Brett's view: moving romantic epic. My view: tedious, formulaic chick-flick.) Still a good day on the whole. Happy New Year all!
Miss C! Liam! Long time no see! Miss y'all! Miss C for your fellow fairly prog Southern self, Liam for your civility in the face of disagreement with others! :-)
Drained my garden hoses. Rolled up my hammock and put it away (after laying in it a while). Put brake fluid and Slick 50 in my old truck so a friend of mine could drive it away to its new home with two other like type Chevy trucks which will merge into one someday.
Changed the flat tire on the old Chevy truck that the Vagen Geist caused in retribution for my giving her away.

It was like a day in May. My cats are getting very confused as I leave open and then close the cat door alternately depending on the variance in this wierd weather. They think I've just being, well, cat-like in my temperment.
With food porn photos like that you need to start putting up an "adult content" warning.
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