Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Deacon of Hope

Me. A freakin' deacon. This year and next. The mind boggles. :-)

Humbled and excited, for lack of a better word.


About the pic: Saint Stephen, one of the first seven deacons in the Christian Church, vested in a dalmatic, holding a Gospel Book and a martyr's palm; around his head are three stones (from the Demidoff Altarpiece, 1476, by Carlo Crivelli).

Eep! :-)
Makes sense, now you can fret over others spiritual well being as well as your own. I know that those you serve will be well served and are lucky to have ya.

ohfeely meboney belly wifbiscus and gravyum

Eep! :-)
That certainly sounds right.

Congratulations to the parish for knowing their business, and to you, now fully appointed to serve that business!

Two pieces of small advice:

1. When up front, don't hold your hands like a fig leaf for your boys.

2. If you wear an alb, make sure you get one that goes almost to the floor or at least shoe tops - and don't wear sneakers.

Oh, and work hard.
Life is full of strange.
Oh yes, do remember what happened to Steven.

That picture sort of weirds me out. It looks like those tribbles are eating that guy starting with the head and shoulders.

They don't make you endure some sort of horrible tribble ritual in order to be a deacon, do they?
LOL. Those are suppoed to be the stones they whacked Stephen with.

No hazing involved, as far as I know. :-) ... I do get to help wash all those little bitty shot glasses every couple of months.
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