Monday, January 26, 2009


Bring back the filibuster

Sounds odd coming from me, I reckon, since filibusters are a tool of the minority, and my party is in the majority. But here's the deal:

For the past eight years, the mere threat of a filibuster has been enough to derail legislation that had clear majority support -- but not the supermajority needed to kill a filibuster. Forget that.

President Obama, a student of the Senate's particular rules as well as the legislative process, and the U.S. Constitution, should make the GOP talk its lungs out over the stimulus package.

Did you hear, or read, any of the talk from the Sunday talk shows? John McCain and other GOP senators acted like there hadn't even been an election, the Republican approach to governing hadn't been repudiated, and the voters hadn't called for ACTION on the economy.

Make 'em read the damn D.C. phone book until they choke!

Actually, though, I think the Dems are gonna pick off the two Republicans needed to pass the thing.


I think a version of this is being played out in the public debate. The Republicans are reminding the American people, on an almost hourly basis, why they were repudiated by the voters this past fall. I think Obama understands this.
Ditto to GKS. Did I really say ditto? That used to be such a useful word: ditto.

Obama has already set the tone.
If we stretch out our hand and you unclench your fist we will shake it. Unsaid, but there, is the corollary if you keep a clenched fist when we reach out, we get to bust your ass. Republicans included. But first, we have to show our open hand and their clenched fist. And then......

God Bless John McCain etc. they are sooooo predictable. They really believe they are digging a trap for Obama, but they forgot to take a ladder down in the pit with them. Say guys, how deep is it now.
Oh and by the way, did you expect them to "give up power"? Don't you know that they are the only true Americans. Obama is just an anomaly. Mid-term the real citizen of the country will sweep them back into power.
Im looking forward to the possibility of some real contention going on in government rather than all of this back-slapping and ass-scratching.

Let's see some wrangeling to get real work done. I don't think it's bad to have an opposition party that does some oppositioning, for a change rather than an opposition party that rolls over to have it's belly scratched like the Dems. did.

As long as they are about their oppositioning on the people's business...which I expect there will be some of that, and some of the other...
I'd love to see an actual filibuster. Today's politicians have gotten so used to being able to speak in soundbites I'm not sure any of them are capable of talking for more than ten minutes no matter what's on paper (the D.C. phone book or an actual speech) in front of them.
Most of them have such severe cases of AADD that simply turning a chicken loose in the chambers would break the filibuster.
Carter jr. Has had a busy week. The 2nd coming has begun.
Carter jr. Has had a busy week. The 2nd coming has begun.
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